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Our story

Who are we?

Hi there! We are Jordy and Marijke. A couple passionate about sustainability, travel, and alternative living. Together with our dogs Mojo and Venus, we are exploring Europe whilst living in a self-built campervan. We both have a masters degree but instead of starting a regular career, we share our knowledge online, and explore our surroundings as we travel the world.

Blog focus

We focus on a variety of topics, and most of them intertwine. Travel, sustainability, and alternative living form the main focus of our blog. Food and healthy living for both people and dogs are other subjects that we occasionally share our knowledge on. 

Your story

Who are you?

You are a company, small business, or start-up that shares our vision. You’re a brand that creates products that fit our lifestyle. You’re people with a passion for the things that we ourselves are passionate about. Sustainability is at the core of your work.

Sounds perfect?

Get the feeling that we’re summing you up perfectly? Then you’re the one we’re looking for!

Ways to work with us!

We are always open to suggestions, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any collaboration ideas you may have – how crazy they may be. Just pitch your ideas and we’ll work something out together! 

On-site coverage and research

Living a nomadic lifestyle traveling through Europe, we have the opportunity to visit any location. If you are a traveling agency, or run a website that shares information on travel destinations, we can help discover the area. 

We’ll experience the surroundings, taste the atmosphere, hike the trails and talk to the natives, and document it all in writing as well as through photography and videography.

Freelance writing

Do you like our stories and informative articles? Not only have we written every article on this blog since we started, we’re also experienced in the scientific world as we’ve both recently completed our masters an university.

We can write about most topics related to sustainability, travel, alternative living, and dogs. Simply contact us and explain what you’re looking for, and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Brand ambassadors

We love building long-term partnerships with companies that closely fit to our values. 

Do you want to see your products in photographs on our blog and in our YouTube videos? Shown and discussed frequently on our social media platforms? 

Teaming up with us as your brand ambassadors is a way to get attention to a large audience in your niche.


Do you have an amazing product about which you’d like for us to share our opinions with our audience? Or do you offer an incredible service that you’d love for us to try?

We’re happy to put your gear to the test. We’ll share our thoughts and document our findings both in writing as well as photo and film.

Advertising and sponsored posts

With a large audience in three main niches, our website is a great platform for advertisement. 

If your product fits our lifestyle and your values align with ours, we’d like to invite you to reach out to us. Your product will be advertised for within blogposts that closely fit your product(s) or service(s).

Giveaways and contests

Everyone loves to receive a gift from time to time – our readers are no exception!

A few times a year, we like to host a giveaway or contest on our blog and social media accounts. We’ll share a post on the given platform.

For our readers to enter the giveaway, we ask them to get involved with the companies that take part. Additionally, we usually share individual posts of each of the brands involved to highlight their products.

What are you waiting for?

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