Review: West Paw Zogoflex dog toys

Most of you reading this probably share their home with a four legged family member. Aside from healthy food and a cozy, your dog will appreciate an interactive game of fetch or tug with his owner. Our dogs Mojo and Venus have very different play styles, they both love toys, but tend to play with them differently. We were kindly sent an array of dog toys by West Paw, and tested them over the past couple of months. We have previously written about their Zogoflex Air toys and quiz toys. Today, we share our review about their third and last…

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Review: Zogoflex Air toys by West Paw

We are always on the hunt for new sustainable products. Sometimes we do so because we need a particular product ourselves, but we also like to share our findings with you guys on this blog. There are countless companies that create products for dogs, yet it isn’t that easy to find items that suit the wishes of people that value sustainability. Now although we already own numerous dog toys, we were kindly sent a wide range of sustainably made products to review. Today’s review includes a number of products by West Paw, a company that creates toys and other products…

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