Top 5 decisions that turned our campervan into a home

We’re overall quite happy with our finished campervan conversion project, but these 5 decisions still make us smile every day. After sharing our 4 missed opportunities last week,  we’d like to share the 5 best decisions we made during our campervan build this week.   1. Magnetic curtains Whilst converting our van, we’ve seen so many different curtain designs. Everyone seems to approach it differently. Well, to make it easier for you to choose one, here’s another option! One that we had’t seen before; magnetic curtains. We, well actually Jordy’s mom, sewed magnets in each of the corners of each…

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5 places you must visit on the island Fur

The hidden treasure of Denmark, as the Danish call it. If you are looking for places to visit in Denmark, the island of Fur should definitely be at the top of your list! Do not dismiss the island of Fur for its size! When we were planning our vanlife trip through Europe, we were curious to find out what to do in Denmark. When we heard about the island of Fur, we couldn’t believe that so much diversity could be packed on such a small island. It is just one of those places you must have seen. In order to…

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First week of vanlife

After spending eight months building our tiny home on wheels, we left the country eight days ago. It has been a real rollercoaster but after lots of work, we are finally able to live our dream. We have spend quite some time in the van now, without the comfort of our parents’ house next door. Which made us learn quite a few things already! Although we’re sure there’s more to learn, we’ll walk you through the lessons we’ve learned during our first week of vanlife today!   Everything takes a bit more time One thing that may not come as…

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Starting zero waste vanlife

Today, we’re starting our life on the road. We spent the past few days visiting family and saying our goodbyes. We were lucky to be invited for lunch and dinner quite often, and haven’t cooked in the van much just yet. Before we set off, we stuffed the fridge with some leftover fruit, vegetables, and other lovely food that Jordy’s parents gave us. A few days ago however, I was craving something tasty to drink - a switch from water really. We also needed some extra items for lunch and dinner the next day. So, I went to a grocery…

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Start of life on the road: our travel plans

Our campervan conversion project is officially done! The final finishing touches have been completed and we’re finally busy sorting out the last stuff and packing up our little home on wheels as we are writing this blog post!     Paperwork Our campervan was inspected 10 days ago already, and was officially classified as a camper. Yet we are still awaiting the documentation. Here in the Netherlands, you have the possibility to register your self-built campervan as a camper and get 75% off of your road tax. This is great of course, and we went for it! Construction vans usually…

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Campervan conversion: how to build a sofa bed

A comfortable bed makes a house a home. Or should we say makes a campervan a home? In our campervan conversion, building the bed was the most important part. Everything else we built and included in our RV was built around our comfortable nest. A good night’s sleep is the most precious thing, and since we will be living in our campervan full time, there was no way in which we’d compromise on that!       Designing the layout  Before we bought our van, we had some ideas of the layout and knew which items we’d like to include…

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