Camper van Conversion: Bungee Wardrobe/Closet

Living in a tiny home, be it settled down or on the road, means that there is less space to store your belongings. When we prepared to move into our self-built camper van, we regularly scanned through our wardrobe and selected a few items to donate. Eventually, we ended up with about five sets of clothing each. Most items are relatively practical and most suitable for hiking and other adventures in nature. However much clothing you may own, you will have to store it somewhere within your camper van. But it doesn’t stop with just clothing; your pots, pans and…

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Camper van conversion: how to build a sofa bed

A comfortable bed makes a house a home. Or should we say makes a camper van a home? In our camper van conversion, building the bed was the most important part. Everything else we built and included in our RV was built around our comfortable nest. A good night’s sleep is the most precious thing, and since we will be living in our camper van full time, there was no way in which we’d compromise on that!   Designing the layout  Before we bought our van, we had some ideas of the layout and knew which items we’d like to…

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Building a camper van: the struggle is real

Living in a camper van, it’s a dream come true. By the end of next week, that dream will finally be fulfilled. Our dream of living the vanlife started in June. Jordy was working on his internship and the end of his master was approaching quickly. He wrote all about his urge to travel and our reasons to choose to live a permanent nomadic life in a camper van in last week’s blog post, so be sure to read that for an extra background story. I visited him in Jena, Germany, for a week or so. Whenever he was at…

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Camper van conversion: how to treat rust

In our previous blog post in which we explained why we bought this van, we also mentioned that Ford Transits are, sadly enough, known for getting some rust. Well, that's the case with our van as well. When we removed everything from our van, including the upholstery covering the floor, we found quite some rust on the floor. In today’s blog post, we explain how we treated the rust we have found in our van.   Materials Because we do not own a wide range of appliances, nor do we have the money to acquire them, we mainly used basic…

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Camper van conversion: finding the right van

When making plans to start your own camper van conversion, one of the first questions to pop up is of course which van you will be using as base vehicle. This is probably one of the most crucial choices you will make. It will massively impact all of your future choices and possibilities. In our previous blog post we presented our newly bought van, a high top Ford Transit with a slightly extended wheelbase. Here we would like to share with you our thought process behind the choice for this particular van. Before we took the plunge and bought our…

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