Campervan Conversion: 5 things not to save money on when building a campervan

We’re slowly approaching the end of our build and with it, the start of our vanlife adventure. It’s been quite a journey, trying to turn an old panel van into a cozy home on wheels. Since we bought our van back 6 months ago, we’ve been working on many different things, most of which were new to us. We have made mistakes (we’ve listed a few here), and by no means is this van perfect, but we’ve learnt a lot and we’re extremely happy with how far we’ve come. Although we don’t have much money, we were able to create…

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Campervan conversion: how to install solar panels on your campervan

If you wish to be able to live in a campervan off-grid for short periods of time, or even fully off-grid, solar panels are the way to go. When starting out with our campervan conversion project, we did some research into the diversity of possibilities that exist these days that would allow us live off-grid for prolonged periods of time whilst living on the road. The two options that stood out to us where wind energy and solar energy. Some in-depth research into wind energy showed us that it currently has not yet matured enough to be a cost-efficient and…

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Campervan conversion: distribution board

Figuring out the electrical setup in our van conversion has been quite a challenge. One of the things we have come across during our research was the idea of using a distribution board to center all wires and fuses in one place, just like you would in a regular house. Since it was quite a difficult part of the conversion, we thought it would be great to summarize why we included a distribution board, what items we used, how we fixed everything into this small cabinet and what every component does. We hope this blog post is helpful, and if…

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