Dog training: set up for success!

Dog training is a very controversial topic. Dog owners, dog lovers, and professional dog trainers alike, all have different opinions. If one were to put two dog owners in a room, you can be certain that there’s one major factor of the aspect of dog training they cannot agree upon. During my master’s dissertation, I interviewed twelve established and well-known Dutch dog trainers. It quickly became clear, that there are various ways to successfully teach a dog one specific behavior. Similarly, there is an array of solutions to one unwanted behavior and numerous ways to deal with difficult situations. There were…

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Indoor exercise ideas for dogs

Exercise is incredibly important for dogs of every size and breed. Not only is it necessary to provide your dog with physical exercise on a daily basis, it is also very healthy to regularly offer mental stimulation. Every day, we aim to take Mojo on 2 long walks or bike rides and play fetch or frisbee in between. Mojo always seems so content when we return home and she can pleasantly relax without showing signs of boredom. It is not always possible to offer your pet with enough outdoor exercise, so today we would like to share a number of…

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