Exploring the Swedish untamed old-growth forests

Tiveden, the first national park we’re visiting in Sweden. Yay! After spending a week in Gothenburg, the second largest city of Sweden, it was a relief to set foot in such a large nature area. The park is located in the historical province of Västergötland just in between Sweden’s two largest lakes, Vänern and Vättern. It was established back in 1983 and is approximately 20 km2 in size. Back in the Netherlands, we’re used to small patches of nature. They’re crossed by many paved roads and highways, and you’ll pass quite a few houses when hiking. Especially during weekends, we’d…

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Get to know David and Charlotte from NoFixedHome

Today we've got something different. We've collaborated with the amazing folk over at www.nofixedhome.com. Just like us they love vegan food, nature, and of course traveling across the globe. Instead of traveling with a camper van though, David and Charlotte explore the world in a very different way! If you hadn't heard about them before today, you should hop on over to their site to check out their stories, amazing photography and learn all about slow and vegan traveling! We asked David and Charlotte five questions, so you're about to get to know them! And when you're done reading, you…

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