Review: Eliza Eliza coin purse

I’m not a fashionista. I have never really been interested in the topic of fashion, but I do appreciate the look and feel of good quality fabrics. I never spent much money on clothes and accessories. Over time though, I’ve really come to regret my ignorance and I’m glad to have opened my eyes to high quality items and have started to value them more and more. A good quality pair of shoes will last an incredibly long time and your feet will thank you for choosing a better option. Just like one great handbag will bring you much more…

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Camper van conversion: how to insulate your camper van

Last week, we introduced you to a number of sustainable and natural types of insulation material. Insulation material was actually one of the first things we focused on during our camper van conversion, and we are very content with the choices we have made. Today, we’ll be talking you through the types of insulation that we’ve used in our camper van conversion.   The importance of insulation Properly insulating your camper van serves the same purpose as insulating regular houses. Insulation will act as a heat barrier. It will allow you to stay cool when the summer sun shines on…

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Campervan conversion: sustainable and natural insulation options

Insulating your campervan is one of the most important steps during your van conversion. If done properly, it will keep you cool during the hot summer months and keep you warm and cozy during cold winters.Insulation comes however in a wide variety of materials which all have different textures and characteristics. We would like to take a closer look at some of the types of materials that can be used. In particular, we want to look at the more natural and eco-friendly insulation options out there that are applicable in your campervan conversion. Don’t be fooled though, they work at…

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Review: Sustainably sourced Mojo Candle Co. candles

We value feeling comfortable at the place that we call home. Although we live in a tiny apartment in a student building, we spent hours and hours painting our walls, laying flooring, building our own furniture with a friend, and adding little finishing touches. Looks are not the only thing that influence the homely feel. Humans link scents to memories, so we like our home to smell great. It adds that extra touch to make you relax as soon as you step through the door. Scented candles can add that little bit of extra comfort when you need it most.…

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WoodWatch review: Gorgeous unique wooden watches

It can be quite difficult to find a perfect birthday gift for your loved one. Two years ago, for Jordy’s birthday, I was looking for a personal gift that he would be able to use for a long time. Since Jordy loves forests, and can spend time outdoors any day no matter the weather, it seemed perfect to find a useful object made out of wood. Finding the perfect birthday gift for Jordy Jordy had a metal watch which he often wore. After having it for a long time, it had become covered in scratches. Searching online for awhile, I…

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Natural cleaning products

People have become accustomed to buying what they see on TV or what is on sale in the local supermarket. Due to this, their buying preferences are highly skewed towards more established brands with extensive funding capabilities. Sadly enough, these brands are often more interested in how they can create products in the cheapest way, rather than caring for the environment and creating sustainable products. Here, we would like to share our experience with natural organic cleaning products over the past few years.   Dish soap We’re quite sure that when you read this heading, an image of a popular…

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