Waste Waning Wednesday #4

Last week was a huge success in our zero waste journey! We found solutions in the two areas that caused most of the single use plastics that entered our household. And they’re so exciting to me that I don’t feel like doing an intro. So without further ado, here’s this week’s waste waning Wednesday!    Plastic free fruit and veg boxes Leafy greens were an area where we could not avoid single use plastic since living in Ireland. The same was actually true when we were traveling through Denmark and Sweden during summer. In the Netherlands, we were able to…

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Waste Waning Wednesday #1

Over the past few weeks, our lives have changed quite a bit. Our passion for a zero waste lifestyle however has remained. We have realized that options to live a life with zero waste are different in every area, and that our location influences our success. It’s not about the ‘zero’ in zero waste. What’s most important is that we care. That we put in effort to do better; any effort counts no matter how big or small it may be! That’s why we decided to write a weekly waste waning diary that we’ll share with you every Wednesday. We’ll…

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7 easy tips for a sustainable lifestyle

Since we live in our own apartment, we have the ability to make decisions on how we want to live. We couldn’t do this previously when we were still living at our parents’. As we love nature and the environment so much, we naturally adapted towards a more sustainable lifestyle over the years, aimed towards reducing our ecological footprint here on Earth. Over the years, when we learned and discovered new things, be it through the University or through our personal interests, we tried to apply them to our own lifestyle as quickly as possible. Living a more sustainable lifestyle…

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10 ways to save money whilst living a sustainable and healthy life

As you might have read on our about page, we recently graduated from university. Since we are trying to save money to buy a van to convert into our home on wheels, we decided it was time to make some changes in our spending habits. We knew it would be clever to combine saving money by decreasing our expenses whilst living a more healthy and sustainable life. Hopefully, the tips we share below will inspire you to make some positive changes yourself. Even ticking off just one subject on this list is a step in the right direction! Are there…

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