Why we share our home with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Three and a half years ago, a little Staffordshire bull terrier joined our family. We called her Mojo - and yes, we named our website after her! She was a lovely pup. She never even destroyed any of our belongings. Many people were skeptical however, about the breed we’d fallen in love with. Too often, friends and family asked us why? Why do you want a Staffordshire bull terrier? Well, it’s about time we answered that question!   Tenacious and energetic The Staffordshire bull terrier is a tenacious dog, one who’s always excited, and ready for anything. That was one…

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Dog training: set up for success!

Dog training is a very controversial topic. Dog owners, dog lovers, and professional dog trainers alike, all have different opinions. If one were to put two dog owners in a room, you can be certain that there’s one major factor of the aspect of dog training they cannot agree upon. During my master’s dissertation, I interviewed twelve established and well-known Dutch dog trainers. It quickly became clear, that there are various ways to successfully teach a dog one specific behavior. Similarly, there is an array of solutions to one unwanted behavior and numerous ways to deal with difficult situations. There were…

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How to prepare for the arrival of a puppy

This weekend we welcomed a new member to our family, a puppy named Venus! Some of you have probably already seen her on Instagram and Facebook, and it’s clear that just like us, you have fallen in love! We had been wanting to add a second dog to the family for quite a while now. We’re so excited to have finally gotten the opportunity to add a new member to our adventure team!  Venus is a staffordshire bull terrier just like Mojo. She’s a real sporting dog, and has such a high amount of energy! We can’t wait to raise…

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