Campervan conversion: how to install solar panels on your campervan

If you wish to be able to live in a campervan off-grid for short periods of time, or even fully off-grid, solar panels are the way to go. When starting out with our campervan conversion project, we did some research into the diversity of possibilities that exist these days that would allow us live off-grid for prolonged periods of time whilst living on the road. The two options that stood out to us where wind energy and solar energy. Some in-depth research into wind energy showed us that it currently has not yet matured enough to be a cost-efficient and…

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Campervan conversion: Solar charge controller

Although a charge controller is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when designing your solar system for your campervan, it is an essential one. A charge controller basically regulates the power that comes from your solar panels and goes to your leisure battery. In a previous blog post, we already showed where to place your solar charger in your system. In a future blog post we will show how we have actually installed the entire electrical setup in our van. Here we will shortly explain the importance of a charge controller and provide some background on two…

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