Fudgy healthy vegan nutella beetroot brownie

Fudgy, chocolate-y goodness, what’s not to like about a delicious brownie? One might assume that in order to live healthy and follow a vegan lifestyle, it’s not possible to indulge from time to time. Well, we’ve created a recipe that will cure every chocolate-lover’s wishes! Since experimenting with vegan cooking we have come across numerous brownie recipes and we’ve recreated our fair share. They included avocado, sweet potato, carrot, and other vegetable ingredients that one would usually eat for lunch or dinner.  Although we liked these recipes, we’re always up for trying out something new. On our trip to the…

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Recipe: Healthy Vegan Lasagna

Have you always fantasized about a healthy vegan lasagna that tastes just as good as (if not better than) the original? I know we have. Well, today’s recipe should satisfy our cravings! We love lasagna Lasagna has always been one of our favorite recipes. Al dente sheets of pasta that separate layers of tomato sauce, with a perfect combination of the taste of garlic and fresh italian herbs, an oozy layer of bechamel sauce, and some crunchy gratinated cheese on top. Man, we love lasagna. Vegan bolognese Originally, lasagna is made with the popular meat-based bolognese saus. Since we stopped…

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Recipe: healthy vegan beetroot burgers

We love burgers. The soft bun, crunchy lettuce, oozy ketchup and a moist burger - it’s just the perfect combination of taste and texture. Excluding meat from our diet doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy a burger every once in a while! On the contrary, we eat burgers quite often and have made a wide variety of them since we stopped eating meat - both vegetarian and vegan! Today, we share a recipe for healthy vegan beetroot burgers. Jordy made them for the first time a few weeks ago and we just had to share the recipe with you! We…

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Recipe: eggshell powder

As some of you might know from reading our previous blog posts, we actively promote food waste limitation. We recently shared a blog post in which we explained the subject of food waste in depth, and we shared three simple recipes that include ingredients that people often throw out. Today, we’d like to share another recipe with you, and give you some ideas on how to use egg shell powder in your home! Let’s talk about the eggshell Eggshells might look like simple empty shells to you, but they actually are a very important part of the life cycle of…

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Recipe: vegan cashew bechamel

Today, we would like to share with you one of our favorite recipes: vegan cashew bechamel sauce.     We’ve always loved dishes such as lasagne, stuffed cannelloni, oven baked beetroot, and many other similar Italian dishes. An important part of these dishes, however, is bechamel sauce. When we became vegetarians, we also chose to limit our dairy intake to a great extent. Sadly though, besides flour, butter and perhaps some spices, bechamel contains milk, so it’s a dairy based sauce.     If we wanted to keep on eating these delicious dishes, we had to find an alternative recipe…

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3 food waste recipes

Not long ago we shared a quite lengthy and dense but very interesting post about food waste. If you haven’t read it yet and want to learn more about it, you can click here to do so! We explained what the term food waste actually entails, and why it is currently so important and worthy of your concern. Here we would like to share with you three fruits and vegetables that hold more edible material than most people think! During daily preparations of the food people eat, many inedible parts of fruit and veg get thrown away. However, some parts…

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