Easy homemade dog treats for Christmas: raw candy canes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And with it comes present shopping, decorating, and dinner planning. But how do you plan on treating your dogs, this year? What about some easy homemade dog treats for Christmas? Dogs are part of the family. But that doesn’t mean they should eat roasted turkey, brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes on Christmas day! Our bodies are different, both inside and out. Hence, the food dogs eat should be different too. Of course, we can treat both ourselves and our dogs from time to time, but if you want a healthier and more…

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Prey model raw diet for dogs

Although we don’t eat meat and barely consume dairy, Mojo is fed a completely different diet. The reasoning behind this is quite simple: dogs are facultative carnivores. They can adjust to eating plant material but their bodies are equipped for a meat based diet. Each species is different and although Mojo is a member of our family, she is not a human and her needs differ from ours. Now although fruit and vegetables are very healthy for humans, not every species of animal has to consume them in order to live in optimum health. Dogs have a very short digestive…

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Astounding weight loss story of a Dachshund named Finnegan

As you probably know, I appreciate owners that keep their dogs fit. Whilst scrolling on Facebook, I had seen pictures of a dachshund that had lost an incredible amount of weight. I decided to approach his owner to ask about his weight loss progress, and she explained how Finnegan lost 7 pounds after switching to a raw diet. She wrote the following.   Finnegan’s condition before weight loss Finnegan is currently 8 years old and had been overweight since the age of 1. While living with my family, Finnegan was always free fed, meaning he had constant access to his…

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