Finding time to exercise while working full time

Initially, we had hoped to travel in our camper van for a long period of time. Earning money while living on the road ended up being more difficult than we had imagined. After looking for seasonal work for weeks we decided there was another way to explore countries thoroughly. In August, we were offered a job and relocated to Ireland to start working in an office in Dublin. This offers us a chance to get to know the locals during the week, and see the country on the weekends. Part of our van life adventure was having the option to…

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5 vegan recipes that will surprise you

We don’t follow a fully plant-based diet yet, but most meals we eat are vegan. This might sound boring to some of you, but it has really turned out to be the opposite for us! Our transition to eating this way was gradual. You can read all about why we’re vegetarian in this previous blogpost. When we started eating more fruits and vegetables and slowly cut out other products, it became a fun challenge. We were surprised that many vegan recipes we found online were incredibly delicious and very different to anything we’d eaten before. Today we’re hence sharing a…

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How to ease into a zero waste lifestyle successfully

The zero waste lifestyle is growing in popularity. Though it might seem new and innovative in some ways, it’s actually rather old-school. Plastics weren’t always as common as they are today. Currently, the average person in Europe sends around 160 kilos of packaging to the landfill every year. That includes all packaging material, but plastic is the worst culprit of all. Plastics are so ingrained into our current society that it can seem impossible to cut them out of your life completely. But making a change for the better doesn’t have to be difficult! Taking things slowly and changing your…

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Zero waste lifestyle: is it difficult?

When discovering the zero waste movement for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming. The term ‘zero’ in particular can seem a bit daunting. How on earth can a person produce zero waste?!   Not about 'zero' A while ago, had a peak at some popular zero waste pinterest accounts. On one of them we saw someone promoting zero waste floss. 'How amazing!' we thought. 'We have to check that out!' So, we clicked the link and read the blog post, excited to learn more. The article explained the ins and outs of a little electric gadget that cleans your…

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Zero waste lifestyle: why we started

Since July 1st, we have shared other people’s stories about their zero waste lifestyle. We ourselves have been talking about the ‘why’ behind our own journey over the past few weeks. And it is about time that we share the reasoning behind our zero waste journey with you!   We learn as we age Though we haven’t really focused on reducing our waste for a very long time, we have made many sustainable choices for a few years now, and are heavily invested in our environment. Hence, we both chose studies focused on our environment at Wageningen University, better know…

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Recap vanlife July – Things go in cycles

As the famous rapper Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, better known as Q-tip, once said: ‘…things go in cycles’ As we’re writing this, we’re back where at were when our vanlife started out; Wassersleben, Germany. And on our way to Marijke’s Grandparents. This is exactly where we started our vanlife journey up north two months ago. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about the whole month of July, instead of just the 31st day. July has been a tad different compared to May and June. We had already settled into our ways of van-living. We naturally divided the daily…

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