4 important tricks to teach your puppy

Four weeks ago, we added a puppy to our family. Venus was eight weeks old when she joined us, and has changed a lot both in looks and behavior. Until twelve weeks of age, everything that a pup goes through has a massive impact. During this period it is hence important to teach general behaviors, but it’s also a great time to work on basic commands! Our puppy Venus has learned a few tricks over the past few weeks, and we thought we’d explain how she did so! Choose a reward Before you start training your puppy, it’s important to…

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Indoor exercise ideas for dogs

Exercise is incredibly important for dogs of every size and breed. Not only is it necessary to provide your dog with physical exercise on a daily basis, it is also very healthy to regularly offer mental stimulation. Every day, we aim to take Mojo on 2 long walks or bike rides and play fetch or frisbee in between. Mojo always seems so content when we return home and she can pleasantly relax without showing signs of boredom. It is not always possible to offer your pet with enough outdoor exercise, so today we would like to share a number of…

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