An unexpected twist

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a brand about a possible collaboration. They would allow us to test their products - which seemed to align very well with our values - and we’d share our experiences with you. In order to put their products to the test, they’d obviously have to be delivered to us! But how do you receive parcels when you’re abroad and living in a camper van? In Sweden, this turned out to be quite difficult! To try and find a solution, we drove up to the nearest city, Umeå at the time, to see…

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The Zero Waste Adventures of: Eco Engineer

We're nearing the end of plastic free july already. It's time for episode 5 of our zero waste series. Today we have our first Dutch contributor! During her years in college studying product engineering, Juliette became more concious about her consumption habits. She slowly moved towards a more sustainable lifestyle and shares her story about this adjustment with us today! All photography rights belong to Juliette. Here's what she has to share: Hi! I’m Juliette. At the moment, I live in The Netherlands. I finished college here, I majored in Product Engineering. Since I was a child, I’ve always been…

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Stuck in Stockholm traffic

Imagine yourself getting into your car at home. You start driving as usual. Then out of nowhere, you’re in the middle of the busy streets of Tokyo. That’s what it felt like for us driving through Stockholm in our camper van. Growing up in the countryside, mainly relying on public transport, driving through large cities feels quit unfamiliar. Especially when your vehicle is large, and functions as your home! As we entered Stockholm for the first time to visit a friend near the city center, people drove along us on all sides, all clearly in a hurry. We had driven…

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Exploring the Swedish untamed old-growth forests

Tiveden, the first national park we’re visiting in Sweden. Yay! After spending a week in Gothenburg, the second largest city of Sweden, it was a relief to set foot in such a large nature area. The park is located in the historical province of Västergötland just in between Sweden’s two largest lakes, Vänern and Vättern. It was established back in 1983 and is approximately 20 km2 in size. Back in the Netherlands, we’re used to small patches of nature. They’re crossed by many paved roads and highways, and you’ll pass quite a few houses when hiking. Especially during weekends, we’d…

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The camper van boom of Sweden: finding a parking spot in Gothenburg

Our ferry arrived in Sweden at around 2 AM Monday morning. After such a long day, we didn’t have the energy to drive through Gothenburg to find a parking spot. During the ferry ride we luckily had ample time to look up the address for a free camper spot nearby. We found a great spot near a lake just outside of Gothenburg, parked our home and went to sleep. Before we set off to explore the rest of Sweden, we first wanted to take a look at Sweden’s second largest city. We were there already, after all. So after a…

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Vanlife: Swedish graduation

After spending our first day exploring Gothenburg, Sweden, we went back to the city center the next day. Upon arrival, we stepped out of our tram onto a large square filled to the brim with people. The same square that had been empty the day before. At first we though that it must be some kind of demonstration against who knows what. Many people were carrying signs and were holding blue and yellow ribbons. It did seem like a friendly occasion so we weren’t sure what to think. Curious as we were, we went to take a closer look. Turns…

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