The zero waste adventures of: Shia Su

Plastic free july may have stopped, but we're not done yet! Its time for episode 6. We love that so many have taken the time to write something for us to help inspire anyone thinking about starting with their zero waste adventure. This time it's a little different. Instead of a story written by our guest, we've asked Shia Su - maybe better known by many as Wasteland Rebel - to answer a set of 5 questions for us. Don't worry though, as it's still focused around the same topic as all of our previous stories. We hope you'll like…

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The Zero Waste Adventures of: Eco Engineer

We're nearing the end of plastic free july already. It's time for episode 5 of our zero waste series. Today we have our first Dutch contributor! During her years in college studying product engineering, Juliette became more concious about her consumption habits. She slowly moved towards a more sustainable lifestyle and shares her story about this adjustment with us today! All photography rights belong to Juliette. Here's what she has to share: Hi! I’m Juliette. At the moment, I live in The Netherlands. I finished college here, I majored in Product Engineering. Since I was a child, I’ve always been…

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How social pressure can affect zero waste and healthy living

You have plans to visit someone at their house in a few minutes. Be it a good friend, or someone you’re meeting for the first time. So you take off and travel to their house. The first thing you hear is: ‘Hey, come on in! Would you like something to drink, something to eat?’ One of the first things people tend to do, is offer you something to eat and drink. It probably isn’t said right away, depending on your relationship of course, but it often comes up during first few minutes after arriving at someone’s home. It certainly comes…

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Talking to locals

You can spend hours, days, weeks, researching the web to determine where to go and what to see once you have arrived at your travel destination. But, honestly, to find the little gems in every area, nothing beats talking to the locals. Until, now we haven’t yet asked anyone for tips directly. Instead, we’ve relied on people’s natural enthusiasm about the area in which they live. When we tell people that we live in a camper van and that we’re traveling through their area, many immediately respond saying something like: ‘Oh, you should definitely check out ...’. Everyone loves to…

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Traveling without a toilet: open urination and defecation

Where do you go to use the bathroom? That’s one of the main questions vanlifers get asked whenever they explain that their vehicle is, in fact, their home. Many people were surprised to find out that we actually fitted a toilet under the sofa bed in our camper van. But when we go on long hikes however, the need for a bathroom visit grows every minute. And that’s not just on hikes. What about when our toilet is full and we cannot find a latrine? So this got us thinking; What are the effects of open defecation and urination? How…

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5 must have zero waste items for your campervan

Whilst converting our campervan, we started our journey towards a zero waste lifestyle. This means that we had to make choices regarding which stuff we’d bring along on our travels. In particular since we now have quite limited storage space to bring just about anything with us. Today, we’d like to share with you 5 zero waste items that we think every vanlifer should have in their campervan. Of course, they don’t just belong in campers and campervans. They should have a place in every household. 1. Cotton produce bags Everyone goes shopping for fruit and veg, be it at…

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