Campervan conversion: how to build a sofa bed

A comfortable bed makes a house a home. Or should we say makes a campervan a home? In our campervan conversion, building the bed was the most important part. Everything else we built and included in our RV was built around our comfortable nest. A good night’s sleep is the most precious thing, and since we will be living in our campervan full time, there was no way in which we’d compromise on that!       Designing the layout  Before we bought our van, we had some ideas of the layout and knew which items we’d like to include…

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Building a campervan: the struggle is real

Living in a campervan, it’s a dream come true. By the end of next week, that dream will finally be fulfilled. Our dream of living the vanlife started in June. Jordy was working on his internship and the end of his master was approaching quickly. He wrote all about his urge to travel and our reasons to choose to live a permanent nomadic life in a campervan in last week’s blog post, so be sure to read that for an extra background story.     I visited him in Jena, Germany, for a week or so. Whenever he was at…

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Campervan Conversion: 5 things not to save money on when building a campervan

We’re slowly approaching the end of our build and with it, the start of our vanlife adventure. It’s been quite a journey, trying to turn an old panel van into a cozy home on wheels. Since we bought our van back 6 months ago, we’ve been working on many different things, most of which were new to us. We have made mistakes (we’ve listed a few here), and by no means is this van perfect, but we’ve learnt a lot and we’re extremely happy with how far we’ve come. Although we don’t have much money, we were able to create…

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Campervan conversion: paneling the walls and ceiling

In a campervan conversion, just like in any other home, the walls and ceiling make up the largest surface area. They play a huge role in the outcome of any build. Have you ever walked into a home improvement store to pick a new color for the walls of your bedroom? Do you remember trying to pick one out of these hundreds hues of red and blue? Well, making the walls and ceiling of a campervan look nice takes a lot more sweat and tears than that! Today, we explain how we installed paneling and ply to the walls and…

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How to prepare for the arrival of a puppy

This weekend we welcomed a new member to our family, a puppy named Venus! Some of you have probably already seen her on Instagram and Facebook, and it’s clear that just like us, you have fallen in love! We had been wanting to add a second dog to the family for quite a while now. We’re so excited to have finally gotten the opportunity to add a new member to our adventure team!  Venus is a staffordshire bull terrier just like Mojo. She’s a real sporting dog, and has such a high amount of energy! We can’t wait to raise…

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Campervan conversion: how to insulate your campervan

Last week, we introduced you to a number of sustainable and natural types of insulation material. Insulation material was actually one of the first things we focused on during our campervan conversion, and we are very content with the choices we have made. Today, we’ll be talking you through the types of insulation that we’ve used in our campervan conversion.   The importance of insulation Properly insulating your campervan serves the same purpose as insulating regular houses. Insulation will act as a heat barrier. It will allow you to stay cool when the summer sun shines on your van, and…

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