Top 5 decisions that turned our campervan into a home

We’re overall quite happy with our finished campervan conversion project, but these 5 decisions still make us smile every day. After sharing our 4 missed opportunities last week,  we’d like to share the 5 best decisions we made during our campervan build this week.   1. Magnetic curtains Whilst converting our van, we’ve seen so many different curtain designs. Everyone seems to approach it differently. Well, to make it easier for you to choose one, here’s another option! One that we had’t seen before; magnetic curtains. We, well actually Jordy’s mom, sewed magnets in each of the corners of each…

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Campervan Conversion: Water System in our Kitchen

Running water, who doesn’t want that wherever they are? To fill up a glass of water when you’re thirsty, or to do the dishes after dinner, it’s so simple yet incredibly convenient. Installing your own simple water system in your campervan is actually quite easy to do. It took us only an hour or so to install ours, and we will explain just how we did this below.   Our setup We’ve chosen to go for a simple drainage system without hot water. Things will get more complicated if one wants to install a mixer tap and have running hot…

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Campervan conversion: paneling the walls and ceiling

In a campervan conversion, just like in any other home, the walls and ceiling make up the largest surface area. They play a huge role in the outcome of any build. Have you ever walked into a home improvement store to pick a new color for the walls of your bedroom? Do you remember trying to pick one out of these hundreds hues of red and blue? Well, making the walls and ceiling of a campervan look nice takes a lot more sweat and tears than that! Today, we explain how we installed paneling and ply to the walls and…

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Campervan conversion: What not to do (part 1)

Although we are not finished with our campervan conversion project just yet, mistakes were made. We definitely did learn a lot from our mistakes though. After buying a van, you’re probably overly excited to get started on the conversion as soon as possible. This can however lead to mistakes that could've easily been prevented. We’d like to share what NOT to do when converting your van, and what to think about twice (or three or four times). We hope that by sharing our mistakes, you will not make the same ones. And yes, the title says ‘part 1’ as we’re…

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Campervan conversion: Solar charge controller

Although a charge controller is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when designing your solar system for your campervan, it is an essential one. A charge controller basically regulates the power that comes from your solar panels and goes to your leisure battery. In a previous blog post, we already showed where to place your solar charger in your system. In a future blog post we will show how we have actually installed the entire electrical setup in our van. Here we will shortly explain the importance of a charge controller and provide some background on two…

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Campervan conversion: how to insulate your campervan

Last week, we introduced you to a number of sustainable and natural types of insulation material. Insulation material was actually one of the first things we focused on during our campervan conversion, and we are very content with the choices we have made. Today, we’ll be talking you through the types of insulation that we’ve used in our campervan conversion.   The importance of insulation Properly insulating your campervan serves the same purpose as insulating regular houses. Insulation will act as a heat barrier. It will allow you to stay cool when the summer sun shines on your van, and…

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