Alternative gift guide for friends with a zero waste lifestyle

With Christmas just around the corner, gift giving is on many people’s minds. But no matter the season, the next thing to celebrate is always just a few weeks away. The number of people living a minimalist or zero waste lifestyle is growing. Chances are, some of your relatives or friends are also trying to live more sustainably. But what should you gift them when it’s time to celebrate? How will you let them know you care, when their birthday comes around? Though it might not seem so simple, gift giving to those who live a zero waste lifestyle doesn’t…

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Easy homemade dog treats for Christmas: raw candy canes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And with it comes present shopping, decorating, and dinner planning. But how do you plan on treating your dogs, this year? What about some easy homemade dog treats for Christmas? Dogs are part of the family. But that doesn’t mean they should eat roasted turkey, brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes on Christmas day! Our bodies are different, both inside and out. Hence, the food dogs eat should be different too. Of course, we can treat both ourselves and our dogs from time to time, but if you want a healthier and more…

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London’s first zero waste Christmas market

For many of us the most wonderful time of the year is nearing. We’re talking about Christmas, of course! The holidays are usually a period of joy and fun where people forget all the worries in the world and just enjoy good food and companionship. Sadly enough, this brings along a great amount of excessive waste. But that’s no more for Londoners. Folks over at Zero Waste Goods have organised London’s first zero waste Christmas market on December 8th to do your Christmas shopping, how amazing! All brands present at the market are dedicated to the zero waste lifestyle. They…

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Christmas Dog Treats

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to put up the tree and decorate the house with fairy lights. We can sweep the dust off our recipe books and start preparing our Christmas dinner, bake cakes and gingerbread. But how will we treat our four legged family members this year? Don't they also deserve some healthy homemade christmassy dog treats?     Unhealthy Christmas treats for dogs at the store Supermarkets often stock the most extraordinary chocolate sweets and sugary cookies during the festive season, and they don’t lack behind on treats for pets. Especially pet stores have numerous…

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