Van Life Interview with Yogavanlife

Since we bought a van to convert into a home on wheels, we have wanted to get to know fellow people that live the van life. Today, we are going to learn a bit about Poleen! Poleen is a yoga teacher who recently moved into a self-built campervan. As you guys know, we travel with two dogs, but Poleen has a very different travel companion. His name is Önskan and he is incredibly cute, but we'll keep his species a secret for now! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments below. Please do…

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Top 5 decisions that turned our campervan into a home

We’re overall quite happy with our finished campervan conversion project, but these 5 decisions still make us smile every day. After sharing our 4 missed opportunities last week,  we’d like to share the 5 best decisions we made during our campervan build this week.   1. Magnetic curtains Whilst converting our van, we’ve seen so many different curtain designs. Everyone seems to approach it differently. Well, to make it easier for you to choose one, here’s another option! One that we had’t seen before; magnetic curtains. We, well actually Jordy’s mom, sewed magnets in each of the corners of each…

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Campervan Conversion: what not to forget

To say that creating your own home on wheels is a chaotic process is an understatement. You have to create a list of just about everything you would ever need, it’s a house nonetheless! Building your own home without construction experience is certainly not a simple task, and things can easily slip your mind in the process. After having lived in our campervan for nearly two months already, we’ve noticed quite some things we wished we would have installed. Today we will share these with you hoping that you won’t forget them too, when you start the build of your…

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Talking to locals

You can spend hours, days, weeks, researching the web to determine where to go and what to see once you have arrived at your travel destination. But, honestly, to find the little gems in every area, nothing beats talking to the locals. Until, now we haven’t yet asked anyone for tips directly. Instead, we’ve relied on people’s natural enthusiasm about the area in which they live. When we tell people that we live in a campervan and that we’re traveling through their area, many immediately respond saying something like: ‘Oh, you should definitely check out ...’. Everyone loves to talk…

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Stuck in Stockholm traffic

Imagine yourself getting into your car at home. You start driving as usual. Then out of nowhere, you’re in the middle of the busy streets of Tokyo. That’s what it felt like for us driving through Stockholm in our campervan. Growing up in the countryside, mainly relying on public transport, driving through large cities feels quit unfamiliar. Especially when your vehicle is large, and functions as your home! As we entered Stockholm for the first time to visit a friend near the city center, people drove along us on all sides, all clearly in a hurry. We had driven through…

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Recap: June, our first month on the road

That’s that, we’ve officially made it through our first month of vanlife, traveling through Europe! We thought that this would be the perfect time for a little recap of what we’ve experienced during our first month of living in a van, June (including the last two weeks of may). We’ve learned quite a lot already, but we’re aware that we still have a long road ahead of us. An exciting and fun one, though! It had been such a hectic period before we left. Finishing our campervan conversion; having our vehicle audited to get it classified as an official camper;…

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