Campervan Conversion: what not to forget

To say that creating your own home on wheels is a chaotic process is an understatement. You have to create a list of just about everything you would ever need, it’s a house nonetheless! Building your own home without construction experience is certainly not a simple task, and things can easily slip your mind in the process. After having lived in our campervan for nearly two months already, we’ve noticed quite some things we wished we would have installed. Today we will share these with you hoping that you won’t forget them too, when you start the build of your…

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Vanlife: On our way to Sweden

It has been hot outside for ages, at least that is how it feels at the moment. Though we certainly have nothing to complain about, we wouldn’t mind some cooler temperatures either. We are heading north in spring nonetheless!   Our first night in the dark Our vanlife journey started in Germany last week after our last family visit in Lingen. We took off with some lovely homemade jam for us, and some dehydrated meat for Mojo and Venus to chew on. Which is great to keep their teeth shiny white by the way! We spent our first night near…

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Doing Dishes in a Campervan: Cold vs Warm Water

Though we haven’t lived in our campervan that long just yet, we do have to say that doing the dishes is certainly not the most fun part. After cleaning our dirty plates and cutlery, we were actually left with a question. We were always used to doing the dishes with hot water. Growing up, everybody around us always did their dishes in warm water and we naturally assumed that that was how its supposed to be done. Living in a campervan now, this leaves us with a problem. We no longer have running hot water available to do so. Now…

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First week of vanlife

After spending eight months building our tiny home on wheels, we left the country eight days ago. It has been a real rollercoaster but after lots of work, we are finally able to live our dream. We have spend quite some time in the van now, without the comfort of our parents’ house next door. Which made us learn quite a few things already! Although we’re sure there’s more to learn, we’ll walk you through the lessons we’ve learned during our first week of vanlife today!   Everything takes a bit more time One thing that may not come as…

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Campervan Conversion: Bungee Wardrobe/Closet

Living in a tiny home, be it settled down or on the road, means that there is less space to store your belongings. When we prepared to move into our self-built campervan, we regularly scanned through our wardrobe and selected a few items to donate. Eventually, we ended up with about five sets of clothing each. Most items are relatively practical and most suitable for hiking and other adventures in nature. However much clothing you may own, you will have to store it somewhere within your campervan. But it doesn’t stop with just clothing; your pots, pans and other kitchen…

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Campervan conversion: how to build a sofa bed

A comfortable bed makes a house a home. Or should we say makes a campervan a home? In our campervan conversion, building the bed was the most important part. Everything else we built and included in our RV was built around our comfortable nest. A good night’s sleep is the most precious thing, and since we will be living in our campervan full time, there was no way in which we’d compromise on that!       Designing the layout  Before we bought our van, we had some ideas of the layout and knew which items we’d like to include…

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