Living small and tiny: 10 reasons why

Living small in a tiny house has seen an incredible surge in popularity over the past few years. Many people are either joining the movement or are interested in doing so. And it’s with good reason. Be it the location, the shape, or the interior, there’s just an incredible range of possibilities when creating a tiny house. Some people even build their house on water or in trees. Everyone goes about it in their own way. But why should you consider living tiny? Keep reading to find out. We have explained our top 10 reasons for living in a tiny…

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Overcoming my fear of swimming in open water

Whilst crossing the ocean between Wales and Ireland this morning, I was once again reminded of my biggest fear. Thalassophobia is what they call it; a fear of open water. I can’t recall ever truly loving the ocean. The salty scent, the sound of waves crashing in, children and seagulls figuring out who can scream the loudest. Everything reminded me of one of the things I fear most. And you know what’s odd? I have no idea what exactly it is that I am afraid of. During our travels through Sweden, we were surrounded with water. We past many lakes…

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Please ignore my dogs

Dogs, who doesn’t love them? They’re man’s best friend nonetheless. But why does everyone seem to think that dogs are common property? When we take our dogs for a walk, too often we encounter people that want to get our dogs’ attention. To do so, they make the widest range of odd noises a human can possibly produce. When they succeed, you’ll see their whole face lighten up. Meanwhile, our dogs are hanging themselves on their leads to approach that interesting sound. But in the name of god, why!? Why would anyone find that gladdening? Seeing a dog hang himself,…

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How to ease into a zero waste lifestyle successfully

The zero waste lifestyle is growing in popularity. Though it might seem new and innovative in some ways, it’s actually rather old-school. Plastics weren’t always as common as they are today. Currently, the average person in Europe sends around 160 kilos of packaging to the landfill every year. That includes all packaging material, but plastic is the worst culprit of all. Plastics are so ingrained into our current society that it can seem impossible to cut them out of your life completely. But making a change for the better doesn’t have to be difficult! Taking things slowly and changing your…

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Zero waste lifestyle: is it difficult?

When discovering the zero waste movement for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming. The term ‘zero’ in particular can seem a bit daunting. How on earth can a person produce zero waste?!   Not about 'zero' A while ago, had a peak at some popular zero waste pinterest accounts. On one of them we saw someone promoting zero waste floss. 'How amazing!' we thought. 'We have to check that out!' So, we clicked the link and read the blog post, excited to learn more. The article explained the ins and outs of a little electric gadget that cleans your…

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Zero waste lifestyle: why we started

Since July 1st, we have shared other people’s stories about their zero waste lifestyle. We ourselves have been talking about the ‘why’ behind our own journey over the past few weeks. And it is about time that we share the reasoning behind our zero waste journey with you!   We learn as we age Though we haven’t really focused on reducing our waste for a very long time, we have made many sustainable choices for a few years now, and are heavily invested in our environment. Hence, we both chose studies focused on our environment at Wageningen University, better know…

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