Sustainable tourism: a trip to South Africa

The subject of sustainable tourism can be approached in a number of ways. We tend to put our focus on the environmental impacts of tourism. However, the consequences of our society's adventures abroad reach much farther than one might realize. We are passionate about our environment, hence that’s what we are most knowledgeable on. That however doesn’t mean that other aspects of sustainable travel are less important. That’s why we have a story to share from a guest writer who’s not just passionate about sustainable tourism, but is currently finalizing her masters on the topic. As our current population size…

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Exploring the rising Swedish High Coast (Höga Kusten)

Water from the Baltic sea at our right, dense green forests make way for open fields of cobble stone covered in pale green lichen. Once covered in a thick layer of ice, the Swedish High Coast is an archipelago, rising from the sea. Signs from the ice age are visible all around. The central starting point of the High Coast Having spent four days exploring the lovely city of Uppsala and its surroundings - learning everything there is to know about Swedish botanist Carl von Linné - we continued our journey north. We were anxious to spend some time alone…

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Mojo climbed the Skuleberget

What’s that? I open my eyes and figure out what woke me up. It’s that new puppy, Venus, gnawing on my ear. I lift my lips, tell her to bug off, turn around and try to go back to sleep again. Kgrr, kgrr, kgrr. Puppy is chewing on one of our buffalo horns. Great, now I’m wide awake. I didn’t hear an alarm yet, so mum and dad must still be asleep, or pretending to be, just like me. Beep, beep, beep. Finally, I see two feet dangling from the bed above me. I see panties being pulled over two…

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Talking to locals

You can spend hours, days, weeks, researching the web to determine where to go and what to see once you have arrived at your travel destination. But, honestly, to find the little gems in every area, nothing beats talking to the locals. Until, now we haven’t yet asked anyone for tips directly. Instead, we’ve relied on people’s natural enthusiasm about the area in which they live. When we tell people that we live in a campervan and that we’re traveling through their area, many immediately respond saying something like: ‘Oh, you should definitely check out ...’. Everyone loves to talk…

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Stuck in Stockholm traffic

Imagine yourself getting into your car at home. You start driving as usual. Then out of nowhere, you’re in the middle of the busy streets of Tokyo. That’s what it felt like for us driving through Stockholm in our campervan. Growing up in the countryside, mainly relying on public transport, driving through large cities feels quit unfamiliar. Especially when your vehicle is large, and functions as your home! As we entered Stockholm for the first time to visit a friend near the city center, people drove along us on all sides, all clearly in a hurry. We had driven through…

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Recap: June, our first month on the road

That’s that, we’ve officially made it through our first month of vanlife, traveling through Europe! We thought that this would be the perfect time for a little recap of what we’ve experienced during our first month of living in a van, June (including the last two weeks of may). We’ve learned quite a lot already, but we’re aware that we still have a long road ahead of us. An exciting and fun one, though! It had been such a hectic period before we left. Finishing our campervan conversion; having our vehicle audited to get it classified as an official camper;…

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