Waste Waning Wednesday #3

We love our zero waste journey. Though frustrating at times, it feels good to be doing better. We’re aware of the choices we make every day. And seeing that once more we managed to write such a long weekly diary is a slice of proof to ourselves that we’ve been aware for seven more days. Every week, I’m more excited to write this post, and I’m already curious to see what we’ll have to document next! Over the past few days, we’ve been closely observing our sauerkraut, morning and night. We removed the top cabbage leaf that was pressing down…

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What is henna?

Eight years ago, I was ready for a change. I wanted to dye my hair, but didn’t want to damage it with chemical dyes. Henna seemed to be the perfect solution, and it’d give my hair a gorgeous red hue. I have used henna every couple of months since then, and will never look back. Henna really is an amazing product. But what is henna, actually? Curious to find out more about this natural red dye, I did some digging. Do you want to know what henna is made out of and what its effects are on hair and skin?…

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Waste Waning Wednesday #2

What started off feeling as a slow and unsuccessful week ended being incredibly satisfying! But before we share this week’s zero waste diary, we’re sharing an intriguing observation we made on Monday. A man was drinking a bottle of Coca Cola on the platform. When his train arrived, he flung the half-full bottle of coke in the bushes behind him and got on. Where we actively think about waste limitation and act accordingly (most of the time), this man had not a care in the world. Where we choose to drink water, indulging with an aluminum can of soda every…

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The ubiquitous nature of plastic

Plastic and microplastics are truly omnipresent. There doesn’t seem to be a place left on earth where microplastics haven’t been found. Though certainly not unexpected, the National Geographic recently reported that microplastics have been found in human poop. Looking at the habits of our current society, the outcome of the study seems an inevitable one waiting to be discovered. It was more of a confirmation of the truth we already expected. Microplastics have so far been found in all sorts of animal in the wild, so what would make us special not to ingest any? It just goes to show…

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Waste Waning Wednesday #1

Over the past few weeks, our lives have changed quite a bit. Our passion for a zero waste lifestyle however has remained. We have realized that options to live a life with zero waste are different in every area, and that our location influences our success. It’s not about the ‘zero’ in zero waste. What’s most important is that we care. That we put in effort to do better; any effort counts no matter how big or small it may be! That’s why we decided to write a weekly waste waning diary that we’ll share with you every Wednesday. We’ll…

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Finding time to exercise while working full time

Initially, we had hoped to travel in our camper van for a long period of time. Earning money while living on the road ended up being more difficult than we had imagined. After looking for seasonal work for weeks we decided there was another way to explore countries thoroughly. In August, we were offered a job and relocated to Ireland to start working in an office in Dublin. This offers us a chance to get to know the locals during the week, and see the country on the weekends. Part of our van life adventure was having the option to…

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