The zero waste adventures of: Shia Su

Plastic free july may have stopped, but we're not done yet! Its time for episode 6. We love that so many have taken the time to write something for us to help inspire anyone thinking about starting with their zero waste adventure. This time it's a little different. Instead of a story written by our guest, we've asked Shia Su - maybe better known by many as Wasteland Rebel - to answer a set of 5 questions for us. Don't worry though, as it's still focused around the same topic as all of our previous stories. We hope you'll like…

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The Zero Waste Adventures of: Eco Engineer

We're nearing the end of plastic free july already. It's time for episode 5 of our zero waste series. Today we have our first Dutch contributor! During her years in college studying product engineering, Juliette became more concious about her consumption habits. She slowly moved towards a more sustainable lifestyle and shares her story about this adjustment with us today! All photography rights belong to Juliette. Here's what she has to share: Hi! I’m Juliette. At the moment, I live in The Netherlands. I finished college here, I majored in Product Engineering. Since I was a child, I’ve always been…

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The Zero Waste Adventures Of: Bestowed Essentials

You've almost made it to the end of plasticfreejuly! How amazing is that! It's time for episode four of our zero waste adventures series to help you stay motivated during the last few days of the month. Have you read the previous story in our zero waste stories, yet? Today, we're sharing Callee's zero waste story. She describes herself as a vanlifer, entrepreneur, and activist who helps people live an ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle. Callee is also the creator of Bestowed Essentials, blogger at, and host of the Hippie Haven Podcast. You can follow her on her Facebook community - The Hippie…

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The Zero Waste Adventures Of: Zero Waste Nerd

Episode three of our zero waste stories already. Time really flies this month! We're halfway through plasticfreejuly. If you've made it this far, it would be a shame to give up now! To help and keep you inspired, we've got another zero waste story today! This time, Megean from Zero Waste Nerd shares with us how she has discovered the share amount of waste we has humanity produce and how it has touched her. Hope you liked Bianca's story from last week story. Be sure to check it out if you haven't yet! All photography rights belong to Megean Weldon.…

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The Zero Waste Adventures Of: Zero Waste Path

It's Sunday again. Which means that it is time for episode two of our Zero Waste stories! We've asked a group of zero waste promoters to share with us how they've become so passionate about zero waste living. By doing so, we hope to inspire others not to give up on (or to take the first step in) their zero waste journey. Although it can be hard at times, it's all worth it! This week, Bianca from Zero Waste Path shares her story with us. And she has taken her dedication even a step further by making and selling her…

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The zero waste adventures of: girlforacleanworld

Welcome to episode one of our zero waste blog series! We started this series to share the joys that a zero waste lifestyle can bring. Besides that, we hope to create awareness about plastic pollution. It's not a coincidence that we're starting on July 1st. Today is the kickoff for PlasticFreeJuly! What would be a better start to this month than sitting back for a second and reading all about the inspiring story of zero waste advocate Monica? She's better known as 'girlforacleanworld' on her instagram and blog. We hope that you'll enjoy this series as much as we do. And be…

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