Campervan Conversion: what not to forget

To say that creating your own home on wheels is a chaotic process is an understatement. You have to create a list of just about everything you would ever need, it’s a house nonetheless! Building your own home without construction experience is certainly not a simple task, and things can easily slip your mind in the process. After having lived in our campervan for nearly two months already, we’ve noticed quite some things we wished we would have installed. Today we will share these with you hoping that you won’t forget them too, when you start the build of your…

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Talking to locals

You can spend hours, days, weeks, researching the web to determine where to go and what to see once you have arrived at your travel destination. But, honestly, to find the little gems in every area, nothing beats talking to the locals. Until, now we haven’t yet asked anyone for tips directly. Instead, we’ve relied on people’s natural enthusiasm about the area in which they live. When we tell people that we live in a campervan and that we’re traveling through their area, many immediately respond saying something like: ‘Oh, you should definitely check out ...’. Everyone loves to talk…

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Why we share our home with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Three and a half years ago, a little Staffordshire bull terrier joined our family. We called her Mojo - and yes, we named our website after her! She was a lovely pup. She never even destroyed any of our belongings. Many people were skeptical however, about the breed we’d fallen in love with. Too often, friends and family asked us why? Why do you want a Staffordshire bull terrier? Well, it’s about time we answered that question!   Tenacious and energetic The Staffordshire bull terrier is a tenacious dog, one who’s always excited, and ready for anything. That was one…

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The Zero Waste Adventures Of: Zero Waste Nerd

Episode three of our zero waste stories already. Time really flies this month! We're halfway through plasticfreejuly. If you've made it this far, it would be a shame to give up now! To help and keep you inspired, we've got another zero waste story today! This time, Megean from Zero Waste Nerd shares with us how she has discovered the share amount of waste we has humanity produce and how it has touched her. Hope you liked Bianca's story from last week story. Be sure to check it out if you haven't yet! All photography rights belong to Megean Weldon.…

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How often should I shower?

I bet that the last time you showered was not too long ago. Most likely, it was either this morning or last night that you were lathered in soap under running water. Since showers and bathrooms have become a standard in most regular houses, just about everyone in western society showers daily. We’ve become accustomed to showering and washing our body with soap every day. Sometimes even twice! It has become culturally entrenched. Although some campervans and campers do have a shower built in, many do not. They take up quite a bit of space, and can be a pain…

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Stuck in Stockholm traffic

Imagine yourself getting into your car at home. You start driving as usual. Then out of nowhere, you’re in the middle of the busy streets of Tokyo. That’s what it felt like for us driving through Stockholm in our campervan. Growing up in the countryside, mainly relying on public transport, driving through large cities feels quit unfamiliar. Especially when your vehicle is large, and functions as your home! As we entered Stockholm for the first time to visit a friend near the city center, people drove along us on all sides, all clearly in a hurry. We had driven through…

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