Finding time to exercise while working full time

Initially, we had hoped to travel in our camper van for a long period of time. Earning money while living on the road ended up being more difficult than we had imagined. After looking for seasonal work for weeks we decided there was another way to explore countries thoroughly. In August, we were offered a job and relocated to Ireland to start working in an office in Dublin. This offers us a chance to get to know the locals during the week, and see the country on the weekends. Part of our van life adventure was having the option to…

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Camper Van Conversion: How to install a tiny wood burner

In October last year, we bought a 330L Ford Transit. The start of our conversion was slow. As fall had just begun and temperatures were quickly dropping, we had difficulty making progress. But once spring came around, and Jordy quit his full-time job, things started moving quickly! Until then, we had only installed the insulation, laid the flooring, started working on the electrics, and cladded the walls. During March and April however, we suddenly started seeing big changes. We built a kitchen frame, installed solar panels and a fan, worked on a bungee wardrobe and even created a convertible sofa…

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5 vegan recipes that will surprise you

We don’t follow a fully plant-based diet yet, but most meals we eat are vegan. This might sound boring to some of you, but it has really turned out to be the opposite for us! Our transition to eating this way was gradual. You can read all about why we’re vegetarian in this previous blogpost. When we started eating more fruits and vegetables and slowly cut out other products, it became a fun challenge. We were surprised that many vegan recipes we found online were incredibly delicious and very different to anything we’d eaten before. Today we’re hence sharing a…

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Living small and tiny: 10 reasons why

Living small in a tiny house has seen an incredible surge in popularity over the past few years. Many people are either joining the movement or are interested in doing so. And it’s with good reason. Be it the location, the shape, or the interior, there’s just an incredible range of possibilities when creating a tiny house. Some people even build their house on water or in trees. Everyone goes about it in their own way. But why should you consider living tiny? Keep reading to find out. We have explained our top 10 reasons for living in a tiny…

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Overcoming my fear of swimming in open water

Whilst crossing the ocean between Wales and Ireland this morning, I was once again reminded of my biggest fear. Thalassophobia is what they call it; a fear of open water. I can’t recall ever truly loving the ocean. The salty scent, the sound of waves crashing in, children and seagulls figuring out who can scream the loudest. Everything reminded me of one of the things I fear most. And you know what’s odd? I have no idea what exactly it is that I am afraid of. During our travels through Sweden, we were surrounded with water. We past many lakes…

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Van Life Interview with Yogavanlife

Since we bought a van to convert into a home on wheels, we have wanted to get to know fellow people that live the van life. Today, we are going to learn a bit about Poleen! Poleen is a yoga teacher who recently moved into a self-built camper van. As you guys know, we travel with two dogs, but Poleen has a very different travel companion. His name is Önskan and he is incredibly cute, but we'll keep his species a secret for now! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments below. Please…

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