10 things to bring when traveling with a dog

The world is better when traveled with a dog. No matter where the road takes you, traveling with your four-legged friend is so much more fun. We are currently traveling through Europe in our self built campervan. Our dogs Mojo and Venus join us every step of the way. Though your way of traveling with a dog might be different, there are some things everybody should take along. Here, we share our list of things you must take along when traveling with your dog.   1. Identification and information Let’s start off with the most important category. We can’t travel…

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The campervan boom of Sweden: finding a parking spot in Gothenburg

Our ferry arrived in Sweden at around 2 AM Monday morning. After such a long day, we didn’t have the energy to drive through Gothenburg to find a parking spot. During the ferry ride we luckily had ample time to look up the address for a free camper spot nearby. We found a great spot near a lake just outside of Gothenburg, parked our home and went to sleep. Before we set off to explore the rest of Sweden, we first wanted to take a look at Sweden’s second largest city. We were there already, after all. So after a…

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5 places you must visit on the island Fur

The hidden treasure of Denmark, as the Danish call it. If you are looking for places to visit in Denmark, the island of Fur should definitely be at the top of your list! Do not dismiss the island of Fur for its size! When we were planning our vanlife trip through Europe, we were curious to find out what to do in Denmark. When we heard about the island of Fur, we couldn’t believe that so much diversity could be packed on such a small island. It is just one of those places you must have seen. In order to…

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Zero waste: what does it mean

Zero waste living. The term gets coined more and more these days. But what does it actually represent? Well, there is a short and a long answer to this question. Simply spoken, a zero waste lifestyle literally means a lifestyle without waste. It represents a philosophy or even a movement in which people advocate for the reusability and full recyclability of all products that we buy. It involves thinking in cycles rather than single use. In the popular sense of the word however, people tend to throw liberally this term around. Even most of the popular zero waste blogs and…

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Vanlife: Swedish graduation

After spending our first day exploring Gothenburg, Sweden, we went back to the city center the next day. Upon arrival, we stepped out of our tram onto a large square filled to the brim with people. The same square that had been empty the day before. At first we though that it must be some kind of demonstration against who knows what. Many people were carrying signs and were holding blue and yellow ribbons. It did seem like a friendly occasion so we weren’t sure what to think. Curious as we were, we went to take a closer look. Turns…

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Vanlife: On our way to Sweden

It has been hot outside for ages, at least that is how it feels at the moment. Though we certainly have nothing to complain about, we wouldn’t mind some cooler temperatures either. We are heading north in spring nonetheless!   Our first night in the dark Our vanlife journey started in Germany last week after our last family visit in Lingen. We took off with some lovely homemade jam for us, and some dehydrated meat for Mojo and Venus to chew on. Which is great to keep their teeth shiny white by the way! We spent our first night near…

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