We are Jordy and Marijke. A couple in their twenties passionate about healthy, simple and sustainable living. We live a zero waste life in Dublin, Ireland with our dogs Mojo and Venus.

About our family

Growing up in two small villages in the Netherlands, we met each other in a city in the middle at highschool.

We moved in together in Wageningen four years later, to study at university. In 2016, Marijke graduated as MSc in Animal Adaptation and Behavioural Biology, focusing on dog behaviour and nutrition. Jordy earned his MSc in Climate Studies in 2017, focusing on Earth System Science.

Though we both earned our masters degree, we were not ready to settle down and start a regular career. Instead, we decided to save up some money to build our tiny home on wheels in an old van. The four of us traveled through Europe in 2018, but our travels were cut short when our van sadly broke down.

We both have a masters degree but instead of starting a regular career, we share our knowledge online, and explore our surroundings as we travel the world.

About our blog

We started our blog in the summer of 2017, and named it after our dog, Mojo. This website is a platform that allows us to share the knowledge we gained at university. It’s a place where we talk about our interests, our hobbies, our passions. It’s a place where we share our doubts, our hopes, our adventures.

On this blog, we write diaries about our journey towards a zero waste lifestyle, share knowledge about the topics we studied at university, and answer questions to which we ourselves don’t yet know the full answers to.

Topics that form the main focus of our blog are sustainability and healthy living. We also talk about our travel experiences and dogs. Overall, the blog is a summary of our lives.

Talk to us

If you want to know more about us, we’d love to share our hopes and dreams with you. No matter what you’re interested in, feel free to get in touch here!

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