Three weeks ago, Jordy injured his leg. He was out on the island walking the dogs before sunrise. Mojo came running back from one of her solo adventures and made a miscalculated jump from a dune. She knocked into Jordy and as a result, his kneecap dislocated.

Jordy’s knees aren’t great. The troubles started when he was 14 and his life hasn’t been the same since then. He loves sports, but walking, cycling and swimming are the only types of exercise he can enjoy comfortably. And even then, apparently, he isn’t on safe grounds. Owning an overly enthusiastic and bulky terrier might be part of the reason why, though.

Guy on island wearing ROJK superwear


No more market trips together

Jordy and I used to visit Minimal Waste Grocery at Red Stables Market every week. We’d walk over together, our backpacks filled with empty glass jars. After watching our jars get filled with dried produce and having a lovely chat with Jenny (the store owner), we’d stroll back home together. Rain or wind, we’d be there. It was one of our weekly events. Where other couples have Friday night date-night, we have Saturday afternoon market trips.

minimal waste grocery bulk store dublin

Well, Jordy’s recent encounter with Mojo’s brick-shaped head has changed the circumstances. While he’s still able to cycle to work and walk short distances, walking to the market is a bit too much. The queues at MWG are getting longer every week, which is a great sign. Clearly, the zero waste movement is growing! But it also means that Jordy would have to stand still for a long time, which is an additional strain on his knees. For the time being, he won’t be able to join me on our Saturday market trip. So, I have to carry more jars than my own backpack can hold.


Help from Mojo

But, I have found a solution. I have turned Mojo into my market mule. Just kidding, of course. A few years ago, we bought her a sturdy harness for long hikes. We chose this harness specifically, because it came with a detachable backpack. In the past we’d fill it with weights or reusable bottles topped off with water. This would give her a job to do. Adding the weighted backpack would provide her with mental and heavy physical exercise. Now that’s just what this highly energetic dog needs.

Over the past few weeks however, this dog backpack has become a useful tool! Mojo now carries four small glass jars along to the market, and I fill my own bag with bigger jars. This means I won’t have to carry a linen tote along and I have my hands free. So now, aside from having a tired dog when we’re home, Mojo actually lends a helping paw.

dog wearing hurtta backpack

She loves the market too, by the way. She knows exactly where we’re going; which stall we’re visiting; and that she has to stand still and wait until we’re done, ignoring other rambunctious dogs and running children in the meantime. The Minimal Waste Grocery team loves her too, and Mojo knows it.

We filmed our first market visit and shared it as a vlog just recently!


Closed for the day

Last Saturday, the Minimal Waste Grocery stand wasn’t at the Red Stables market. It’s moments like these that make me appreciate social media, and how Jenny updates her regular visitors by sharing a post early in the morning in case she won’t be there. Every Saturday, I check their Instagram account or Facebook page to prevent being disappointed after walking there carrying bags filled with glass jars 😉



When the market is closed unexpectedly, this obviously has consequences. Sometimes, this means we end up with a small amount of (non-recyclable and non-compostable) packaging that week. Usually however, it means that we simply use less cocoa powder and dates to add flavour to our breakfast oats! We prefer to buy larger amounts in one go, that’ll last two weeks at least. This means that skipping a trip to the market doesn’t need to have many negative outcomes at all 🙂

Where do you do your bulk shopping? We’d love to know!

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