2018 was an incredibly eventful year. It was a year of building, a year of travel, a year of puppy kisses, a year of lifestyle changes, and a year of love.

We’re not sharing any new year’s resolutions. A new calendar should not be the reason for you to change your ways. If you know something might be better off if things were different, you can alter your ways no matter the day of the year. In many ways, that’s what we did in 2018.

Instead of listing what we’ll do to improve our ways, we’re looking back at the highlights of the past 365 days of our life.

Guy on island wearing ROJK superwear


A year of building

After buying an old Ford Transit in October last year, we spent the first five months of 2018 turning it into a home on wheels. Jordy was still working 40 hours a week at the time. He spent most nights and every weekend working on our camper van. We often had dinner at 9 pm and woke up at six most days to do it all over again.

couple and their dog in their future campervan build

Our framework for underneath the subfloor in the campervan

cork insulation in our campervan

We were tired, but it was a good kind of tired, you know? Satisfied when we finished insulating the walls; when we finally figured out how to cut a perfect half circle in the paneling (just wing it); and when we turned on the lights above what was now our new miniature kitchen for the first time.

tongue and groove spruce paneling in our campervan

sofa in our campervan

In the meantime, we documented the entire conversion on our blog and managed to vlog on a daily basis during the final two months of the project. We’re so proud of the convertible sofa bed that Jordy cleverly decided to build out of scaffolding tubes. Sustainability played a huge part in the build of this tiny home as well. We used cork to insulate our van, and installed the cutest wood burner for heating.

Two campervans in sweden next to each other on a parking lot

After living tiny for a while, we shared ten reasons why you can consider doing the same. It really surprised us how quickly we adjusted to living in a vehicle with little over 1 square meter of floor space.

Mojo looking at Marijke at the end of a pier


A year of travel

Our summer was spent on the road, for the most part. We left the Netherlands in late May. After spending a week in Germany and Denmark, we arrived in Gothenburg. We ate some great food and explored the city, before driving up north in Sweden.

beers at brewers beer bar

We spent many days hiking, Tiveden national park was one of our favorite places to be. We got lost driving in Stockholm, made friends in Umea, and met the owners of two very sustainable companies.

The old-growth forest in tiveden naitonal park

My girlfriend standing on cobble stone fields in Skuleskogen national park

But as always, things go in cycles. Our travels were cut short because we couldn’t find seasonal work. We were lucky, though! Before summer ended, we both found a job in Dublin. Another country, another opportunity to make great memories.

We (jordy and Marijke) sitting on a wooden bench outside


A year of puppy kisses

Right at the start of 2018, our new family member was born. In March, another Staffordshire Bull Terrier joined the family. Of course, we filmed the day that we picked up Mojo’s little sister. Venus has grown into a gorgeous dog, and she’s an important part of our family of four.

guy holding his puppy staffordshire bull terrier dog

On the road, Mojo and Venus traveled in style in their own ‘home’ in our tiny house. We talked about the use of poop bags after switching to a plastic free lifestyle, it’s a real dilemma. Mojo climbed the Skuleberget this summer, and boy did she love it. Though Venus was still young, she tagged along on most long hikes. She’s a tough little dog, and would prefer to run in forests than sleep in a camper van. We went swimming as often as we could, and both dogs loved it.

Mojo on rocks

Shortly after moving to Ireland, we bought our dogs a freezer. Every month, we stock it with raw food wrapped in compostable packaging. Dog ownership and sustainability don’t go hand in hand, but we try our best!

Black staffordshire bull terrier dog Mojo


A year of lifestyle changes

Overall, 2018 is marked by changes. Not just moving into a camper van, relocating to Ireland, or adding a puppy to our family. We made huge steps to change our lifestyle. When we left for our travels, we decided to try our hardest to switch to a zero waste lifestyle.

zero waste groceries in produce bags fruits

Though we weren’t always able to exclude plastic, minimal waste living has now become a big part of our lives. We even asked other people who do the same to share some facts about their journey. And as of late, we document our zero waste adventures in a weekly diary.

fruit and vegetable rainbow

In December, we volunteered at the Dublin Zero Waste Festival. We buy dry produce in our glass jars at a market nearby, and we order organic fruits and veggies at an Irish farm. For Christmas, we shared an alternative gift guide in the hopes of helping people whose friends try to minimize their impact on the planet just like us

This change in lifestyle has not only been beneficial for the planet, it also changed our mindset. We are so much happier with the little things. We appreciate everything just a bit more. A zero waste lifestyle can be daunting, but we won’t be changing back any time soon.

dry package free produce in glass jars


We wish you a happy 2019

We hope that you’re able to see the highlights of 2018, too. Of course, it is great to have positive plans for the future, but don’t take the past for granted!

How was your year? 🙂

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  1. It’s really lovely read summary of your year. You’ve achieved so much. I volunteer at the Zero Waste Festivals too. Next time we’re there we’ll have to make a point of saying hello to one another. Have a great 2018.

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