Happy St. Stephens day, second day of Christmas, Boxing Day. What do you call the day after Christmas? 

This week, I’m doing a different take on our zero waste diary. Instead of looking back on last week’s waste waning adventures, I’m talking you through our zero waste Christmas day!


Early Christmas morning walk

Like every regular day, we wanted to make the most of it. We set our alarm for six to hike on Bull Island. It’s a 20 minute walk from our house – we look out over the sea from our living room.

A little after eight, we returned home. I folded the laundry whilst Jordy made breakfast. Hot porridge with apple and cinnamon for me, cold overnight oats with nuts and dates for him. After enjoying our well-deserved meal, Jordy baked a sourdough bread to which he’d prepared the dough the previous morning. It didn’t rise as much as he would have liked, but it was delicious and still surprisingly airy.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Fawn Quinlent
Venus was tired after our Christmas hikes!


After popping the loaf in the oven, Jordy made brownie batter! Not vegan, not healthy, but plastic free all the same. We bought dark chocolate buttons and plain flour from Minimal Waste Grocery, and paper packaged butter from the organic butcher. Organic eggs came in a carton, and sugar in a paper bag. When the loaf was finished, we lowered the oven temperature and baked the brownies. Even when it comes to cooking, we try to minimize the use of energy. By baking two items in a row (if they need a different temperature), we save time for preheating. It might not be much, but every little thing counts.

Mundane Christmas morning, right? Simple things can be special and memorable, too. It all depends on your attitude!


Family time

Last Sunday, Jordy’s parents flew to Dublin. They’re renting an apartment and have been exploring the area. Yesterday, they visited us to spend Christmas together. We drank a cup of tea, prepared some of the sourdough loaf to eat on the road, packed some fruit, and set off to Wicklow Mountains

It was great to spend time with family and being outdoors together. It was a sunny day without rain or wind, so we could properly enjoy our time in the woods.

Wicklow Mountains Dog Girl
I forgot to bring my camera, but Jordy’s dad took pictures!


Zero waste presents

I haven’t mentioned presents yet. Isn’t that what we should start any Christmas day with? Well, we recently shared an alternative gift guide, and we followed it ourselves too! If you follow a more minimal lifestyle, are trying to reduce waste, or have friends and family with a similar mindset, we hope the gift guide will be of help!

Our Christmas gift is not covered in wrapping paper, but will rather be things we do together later this week. Company is life’s greatest gift!

Jordy’s parents arrived with a paper bag from Avoca. Inside was a gorgeous paper wrapped (no tape!) Kilner jar filled with raspberry jam. It was bought keeping in mind that we’d keep the jar for future use, and will enjoy its contents while they last! Guess what we topped our sourdough with to eat on the way to Wicklow? 😉

Avoca raspberry jam

They asked us if there’s anything we needed, or really want to have. We’re giving it a think before letting Jordy’s parents know what we’d like as a birthday and Christmas gift this year! We’re considering a product from RÖJK, our favorite outdoor brand.


Zero waste Christmas dinner

Christmas is what you make it. We didn’t have a turkey, roast, and mash potatoes. Instead, Jordy prepared a delicious stew with the fruits and veggies we were sent by Green Earth Organics delivery last week.

At first, we did plan to make a variety of small side dishes like we often had on Christmas day. We were thinking of roasting some potatoes, cooking green beans, baking a quiche with mushrooms and kale, and adding a green salad. Sadly though, we had to use the beans this weekend because they wouldn’t have survived. We then decided to use our veggies we still had left to create a warming stew!

Vegan stew and sourdough bread

Jordy’s Christmas dinner creation included cauliflower, kale, carrot, potatoes, leeks, canned tomatoes, garlic. Obviously, we also added a bunch of dried herbs and spices. We had some sourdough bread left and sliced it up to dip in the stew. We didn’t finish all of it, so the rest is currently roasting in the oven with some olive oil and salt as an evening snack.

Jordy’s father often refers to himself as a carnivore. It goes without saying that we wanted to make him feel at home as well. But meat often comes packaged in plastic! Well, we found a solution. On the market where we buy our dry organic produce, there’s also an organic butcher. That’s where we bought the butter for our brownies. We brought an extra glass container on our Saturday trip to the market and bought organic meat for Jordy’s dad. Jordy still managed to fry it perfectly, and his dad loved it!

pork steak

How do you manage cooking for friends and relatives that live differently? It’s always a challenge, but that’s what we like about it.

We enjoyed the brownie for dessert, whilst sitting beside the open fire. A warm(ing) day, for sure. We hope your Christmas was just as lovely, if you celebrated!

open fire

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