For many of us the most wonderful time of the year is nearing. We’re talking about Christmas, of course! The holidays are usually a period of joy and fun where people forget all the worries in the world and just enjoy good food and companionship. Sadly enough, this brings along a great amount of excessive waste. But that’s no more for Londoners. Folks over at Zero Waste Goods have organised London’s first zero waste Christmas market on December 8th to do your Christmas shopping, how amazing!

All brands present at the market are dedicated to the zero waste lifestyle. They do this, among others, by using 100% recyclable or reusable packaging but also by ensuring that the products themselves are made from sustainable materials in an ethical way.

We love that the brands are not solely aimed at using better packaging materials, but also make a stand against food waste. One of the brands called Oddbox offers a home delivery service of wonky veg and fruit boxes. Because these products do not meet our general standards, they normally either go to waste or get processed into feed for livestock. This enables Oddbox to sell these perfectly edible greens at a great price. That’s what I’d call a win-win situation!

Zero Waste Goods however don’t just sell items at their Christmas market. They’ll also host a panel discussion on current environmental issues such as climate change. They even dedicated a moving instagram post to this:


Do you also feel scared at times? We certainly do.

We hope that these initiatives will slowly pop up in more and more places. Last week, we signed ourselves up as volunteers for the Zero Waste Festival Ireland in Dublin on December 2nd. The festival is hosted multiple times a year, with this one being Christmas themed. We can’t wait! Why not get your partner or other family members a zero waste gift this year?

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