We love our zero waste journey. Though frustrating at times, it feels good to be doing better. We’re aware of the choices we make every day. And seeing that once more we managed to write such a long weekly diary is a slice of proof to ourselves that we’ve been aware for seven more days. Every week, I’m more excited to write this post, and I’m already curious to see what we’ll have to document next!

Over the past few days, we’ve been closely observing our sauerkraut, morning and night. We removed the top cabbage leaf that was pressing down the white cabbage as it had slight fungal development. Other than that, the cabbage is looking great and it smells amazing! The small amount of garlic we added is clearly present, too. We were scared that by making sauerkraut, we might mess up and create waste, rather than preserving our food. But so far it seems we were on the right track. We can’t wait to try it in a few days’ time – but you’ll read more about that next week.

I also dyed my hair with package free henna from Lush! We’re not going into that this week, as we’ve got a few posts scheduled that explain it in depth.

Anywho, here’s this week’s Waste Waning Wednesday!


That time of the month

Yes, it’s that time again. Bright and early on Monday morning, my period started. TMI? Sorry. But it’s a huge part of my zero waste journey, so it’s bound to be in this blog post, too.

After using single use menstrual pads and tampons for years, I was done with 1) the smell of menstrual pads and 2) the pain of inserting and removing tampons. Jordy found menstrual cups online once and I brushed it off, thinking they’d be a hassle to deal with. After hearing Bianca from Zero Waste Path positively talking about hers, I decided it was time to give it a try.

I bought my Organicup approximately 10 months ago. It was a bit scary and difficult at first, and certainly not completely painless. But over time, I’ve gotten used to using it and would recommend it to anyone who’d like a more sustainable or comfortable alternative.

It’s not fully zero waste, however. In order to keep things as comfortable as possible, I decided to use lube. I bought a 2oz (60ml) tube of vegan, organic lube when I first got my Organicup, and it’s not empty yet. Two small plastic tubes each year are worth it, for me!

What do you do during your periods? Do you still use single use items, or have you thought switched to a reusable alternative?




Since we recently moved to a new city, we are still finding our way in the community. We have found a few great stores, market stands, and local brands, but so far that’s about it. Hence, we’re hoping to meet more like-minded people and build friendships in which we can support one another to be more mindful when it comes to the environment.

We’re very excited to have found the Zero Waste Festival Ireland, that takes place several times a year in Dublin. The next event they promote is a Christmas themed zero waste festival on December 2nd. And instead of simply visiting, we decided to sign up as volunteers! What’s a better way to promote sustainable living than to help the people who host an entire event about it?

zero waste bread with homemade hummus


Simple zero waste lunch

When we moved into our apartment in Dublin, we started meal prepping. Since we work 40 hours a week we like to make the most of our time off. Meal prepping means we can take fresh and healthy lunches to work at a low price, without cooking every evening. We love to cook, don’t get me wrong, it’s just very convenient to have extra time to do other stuff.

Sometimes we crave bread however, and we found a great way to have fresh bread with a healthy topper without creating any unnecessary waste. This was the case last Wednesday.

In the morning, before going to work, Jordy mashed some chickpeas with a fork. He mixed them with olive oil, tahini, cayenne pepper, the juice of half a lemon, and some salt to create a simple hand mashed hummus. We bring this to work in an airtight container. During our morning coffee break, we walk to LIDL with our cotton produce bags to buy some fresh bread. This week, we both had two small italian rolls that we tore into small pieces to scoop the hummus. We had a chocolate croissant as lunch-dessert; not healthy, but we were craving something sweet.


You know you’re deep into the zero waste journey when..

… you cry about dropping a glass bowl. I’m a highly emotional person, so that might have slightly influenced my response, haha! But in all honesty, I was incredibly sad. We bought two reusable glass containers at IKEA that we use every day to bring our breakfast to work. Now one of them is shattered into pieces, and I feel gutted. We’re now using a bigger container that we usually use during meal-prep for lunch. In a while, we’ll probably buy another breakfast container, but I wish I didn’t cause this waste!

Have you ever dropped an item you used on a daily basis? If you’re a zero waste-r yourself, did it feel different on your zero waste journey compared to before?

broken glass bowl in box


Package free produce

This week’s trip to the Minimal Waste Grocery market stand was quite enlightening! Some of you might believe that package free shopping is more expensive than buying items at the supermarket. More often than not you’ll probably be right. Many items can be fairly pricey. This week’s shop was different for us, though!

We checked the price for a bag of chia seeds at LIDL, they were €1,99 for 200 grams. When we visited the market, we saw that their organic chia seeds are €1,10 for 100 grams. This is not a big difference, at all. And in all honesty, I’d prefer to pay a few cents extra in exchange for package free organic products, and a chance to connect with likeminded people!

What we bought this week:

  • Black pepper kernels
  • Chia seeds
  • Chili powder
  • Dates

zero waste produce in glass jars


Early mornings

We are not morning people, by any means. But we have decided that we’re going to get up early, no matter the day. This Saturday, we set our alarm for 6 am. After drinking a glass of water, we leashed the dogs and walked over to Bull Island. We were the only people there, which is quite a contrast to the average Saturday afternoon. After enjoying the view of the sunrise, we turned around and headed home for breakfast. By 8.30 we felt satisfied from plenty exercise and a healthy, filling breakfast.

On Sunday, we ‘slept in’ until 8. We didn’t rise as early as the day before, and the sun was up already, but we still had a lovely long day ahead.

At what time do you get up during weekdays? Do you wake up later on the weekend?

Guy on island wearing ROJK superwear

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  1. You might find that a different menstrual cup is easier for you to use and lube isn’t necessary. I almost gave up completely after trying the Lunette for 3 cycles and still couldn’t get the hang of it. Then I tried the Lily Cup (convinced that it was my Goldilocks cup) and cried for days when I found it to be just as challenging (but for different reasons).

    I got SO frustrated – couldn’t get it in, and if I got it in it was too high or not high enough or crooked or just everything went wrong! And then I LOATHED having to take it out because I couldn’t reach the stem 😂, and then I couldn’t break the suction and felt like I was removing my cervix… 😂😂😂. I wanted to just give up!! I watched hundreds of videos and I was convinced these cups just weren’t for me – how could they be SO EASY for everyone but me?! I thought I was broken!!

    Somewhere around month 7 it clicked for me and now the Lunette is actually my go-to cup. Easy in and easy out, now that I figured out what folds to use and have a better understanding of my anatomy. Still quite messy though…. 🤔😕

    The cost alone was enough for me to persevere…. I’ve saved SO much money already!!

    1. Haha, it really can be difficult at the start! I must say this cup has been great for me over the past few months and I wouldn’t change the brand now. With that small amount of lube the insertion is perfect, and I’ve also found the best way to remove the cup without it hurting. So glad you managed to get the hang of it, too! 😀

    2. I never fell in love with my cup and once it finally aged to the point of tossing it, I decided it didn’t warrant replacing. Cloth pads are another great zero waste solution if you’re ever looking for alternatives.

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