We don’t follow a fully plant-based diet yet, but most meals we eat are vegan. This might sound boring to some of you, but it has really turned out to be the opposite for us!

Our transition to eating this way was gradual. You can read all about why we’re vegetarian in this previous blogpost. When we started eating more fruits and vegetables and slowly cut out other products, it became a fun challenge. We were surprised that many vegan recipes we found online were incredibly delicious and very different to anything we’d eaten before.

Today we’re hence sharing a number of simple and delicious vegan recipes we found on YouTube over the years. Even if you’re turned off by the word vegan or the idea of skipping meat for dinner, these recipes will surprise you!

So sit back and relax, perhaps you’ll find a great recipe to create this week!


Vegan Chocolate Lasagna – The Happy Pear

This must be one of our favorite desserts of all time, and that means a lot! We made this ‘lasagna’ at least three times so far! We have served it as a birthday cake but also enjoyed it as a snack and dessert after dinner.


Raw Vegan Cheesecake – The Happy Pear

Staying in the dessert and cake theme, and sticking with two of our favorite YouTubers, this vegan cheesecake is incredible. Just like the vegan chocolate lasagna, we’ve made this cheesecake numerous times. You’ll like it for sure, and you’re definitely going to have a giggle watching David and Stephen’s videos!


Puy Lentil Burritos – Shay Ola

Food that is so good it would kill you, that’s what this recipe should bring to the table! We love tortillas and spicy food, and that’s what these burritos combine! This particular dish has a great variety of textures and flavors and every bite is incredible.


Focaccia – Gennaro and Jamie

Bread is one of our favorite things to eat. Granted, it is not incredibly healthy, but the taste of freshly made bread with nuts or herbs is something we can’t resist. This focaccia is not the most typical recipe to find in a list of vegan dishes, but it is vegan indeed! And the best thing is, you can add any flavor you want to suit it to your liking!


Smoothies – Niomi Smart

Smoothies might sound as a cliché, but they can be (and often are) incredibly delicious. Just think of them as healthy milkshakes! We’ve made our fair share over the past few years. We like thicker versions with oats and banana for breakfast, and lighter versions with spinach (yes, they’re yummy too!) for lunch served with some crackers. The three recipes in the video below are very different and there should be one for you!

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