Living small in a tiny house has seen an incredible surge in popularity over the past few years. Many people are either joining the movement or are interested in doing so. And it’s with good reason. Be it the location, the shape, or the interior, there’s just an incredible range of possibilities when creating a tiny house. Some people even build their house on water or in trees. Everyone goes about it in their own way.

But why should you consider living tiny? Keep reading to find out. We have explained our top 10 reasons for living in a tiny house below!


1. Living small is affordable

Houses have never been more expensive then they are now. Building your own tiny house on the other hand is surprisingly affordable. The average cost of a self-built tiny home is just $23,000. Some people have built theirs for as little as $3,000, or even less! Compared to the average price of a house, this is next to nothing. And even for those of us who aren’t carpenters by trade, a new tiny house can already be bought for $29,000!

The affordability of tiny houses makes them the perfect house for starters, especially if there are no children in the picture just yet.


2. Work less

The low cost of living small also means that you’ll have to pay little to no mortgage. Living in a tiny house allows you to get by working less hours a week, whilst still living as luxurious as before.

Working less hours means that you have more time to spend with family or simply enjoy your hobbies. It offers time to relax a little more and to enjoy the good things in life!


3. Increase your savings

Instead of working less, you could also choose to keep working the same hours and start saving. You could save extra money for your retirement and perhaps retire a little earlier. You could also save money to go on that world trip you‘ve always dreamed of but were never able to do.

Everyone has that thing he’d like to do in which some extra savings sure would come in handy!


4. Makes you creative

A tiny house really is tiny. At times, you’ll have to get creative at finding solutions to……. We’ve even seen people using their shower to hang their clothes when they aren’t using it.

It will especially spark your creativity when you do not give up on the things you desire most in a house. In our camper van conversion it was our wood burner and dog crate. Instead of taking the easy way out and excluding both, we took them as a given and designed the rest around it. More often than not you can include that special thing you would like by just being a bit creative. Even if its that pizza oven or fire place or who knows what.


5. Makes you buy less stuff

This one is probably more aimed at saving our environment, but is certainly also good for your wallet!  Anyone that has ever lived in a small space will immediately recognize this. When living small, you just do not have the space to put all that stuff that you used to own and buy. Especially those little knickknacks and gadgets. But let’s be honest, most of it is unnecessary anyway.

Buying less stuff means less pressure on the environment and more money in your pocket to spend on experiences rather than stuff. It’s a win-win situation!


6. Great for your relationship 

When you’re confined to such a small space together with your life partner, you just don’t have another choice than to get along. There usually isn’t that other room where you can go to when frustrated with one another. You’ll learn to accept each others faults and really life with it.

Living in a tiny house together with your partner will strengthen your bond and increase your intimacy.


7. Have a portable home

Though not all tine houses, but we’ve seen many build theirs on a trailer. This can create a lot of freedom for you. When you get that job you’ve always wanted but it’s 300 miles away, you can just simply take your house with you instead of having to buy a new one.

This probably won’t be the reason that ties the knot, but can at times be handy. You’ll have your own little safe space with you in the new and unfamiliar city.


8. Safe time on cleaning

It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re finally off from work. You step in the door and what do you see? Everything you put out through the week. The dishes, a dirty floor, the windows that really should be cleaned last week. Aren’t you also fed up with spending each weekend cleaning your house?

Living small and owning less stuff means of course that there’s less that needs to be cleaned. Who wouldn’t want that?


9. Design your own home 

Isn’t designing your own house the most amazing thing? Being able to design our current camper van was for us the reason to convert one ourselves rather than buying a standard camper. It provides you with so much flexibility.

Being in charge of not only the look of your future home but of each aspect feels so surreal when you don’t have a fortune to spend. Opting for a tiny house can give you the freedom of designing your own home whilst still being affordable!


10.  Safe space more land

A tiny home takes up a lot less land than your regular mansion does. Tiny houses are on average just 186 sq/ft which is less than ten times your usual house of 2100 sq/ft.

It frees up not only more land for yourself to maybe start your own kitchen garden, but is again also great for the environment.  We as humans appropriate too much of the land to ourselves. By living small you’ll take up less land, leaving more for the nature.

If these reasons aren’t enough yet, or if you just want some additional inspiration, we’d recommend you to head on over to Living big in a Tiny house. It’s a youtube channel that showcases the most amazing and diverse tiny houses.

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