Since we bought a van to convert into a home on wheels, we have wanted to get to know fellow people that live the van life. Today, we are going to learn a bit about Poleen!

Poleen is a yoga teacher who recently moved into a self-built camper van. As you guys know, we travel with two dogs, but Poleen has a very different travel companion. His name is Önskan and he is incredibly cute, but we’ll keep his species a secret for now!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below. Please do check out Poleen and Önskan on instagram under @yogavanlife to follow their life in pictures!

campervan interior yogavanlife
A quick peek in Poleen’s camper van! @yogavanlife


Getting personal

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I say good morning to my bunny, who replies with a “Feed me human!”


Do you see yourself grow old in a camper van?

Mmm not really. Even though living in a van brings me such freedom and joy, it’s also quite rough sometimes, specially having to adapt to the weather. But I have that dream to build and grow old in a beautiful tiny house!


How do you experience practicing yoga whilst being on the road?

Self yoga practice on the road has to be very flexible! The perfect quiet outdoor spot with good weather, no bugs, a flat ground, and nobody staring at you doesn’t exist.

I keep practicing almost daily, 30 to 90min depending of my energy.  The main difference with practicing at home is the connection with nature. Most of the time my mat is surrounded by a beautiful landscape which makes me closer to mother earth.


What’s your favorite food to make in your camper van?

To be honest I do not like to cook. So whatever is fast and easy to make (with not much dishes at the end) work for me. Avocado toast is definitely one of my favourite things to eat.


What’s the last thing you do before going to sleep?

Turning the light on and off until I manage to find (and kill) that last mosquito.

Bunny Önskan yogavanlife
Önskan, Poleen’s bunny and travel companion! @yogavanlife


15 quick questions

Tiny house or big mansion? Tiny house, my dream


Urban or no man’s land? No man’s land, after living 6 years in London, I do not stand staying in big cities more than a couple of days.


Coffee or tea? Tea


Board game or video game? Board game, I love playing board games with people I meet on the road!


Series or movie? Movie, but I rarely watch any.


Netflix or a good book? A good book that you can read chilling outside.


Pizza or tacos? Pizza




Tired or lazy? Lazy, let’s be honest…


Cook or takeout? None, I don’t like to cook but I can’t afford take away neither. Life is hard with me haha.


Camper van or RV? Camper van, I love living in a personalised home.


Sunrise or sunset? Sunset, too lazy to get up early for sunrise.


Swimming or hiking? Swimming, ahh swimming in lakes has been my new passion lately.


Snow or sun? Sun


Yoga or food? Yoga is life


Laptop or phone? Phone, to scroll for ever on Instagram

Poleen yogavanlife doing yoga in a cave
No need for a yoga mat, living on the road gets you creative! @yogavanlife

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