Dogs, who doesn’t love them? They’re man’s best friend nonetheless. But why does everyone seem to think that dogs are common property?

When we take our dogs for a walk, too often we encounter people that want to get our dogs’ attention. To do so, they make the widest range of odd noises a human can possibly produce. When they succeed, you’ll see their whole face lighten up. Meanwhile, our dogs are hanging themselves on their leads to approach that interesting sound. But in the name of god, why!?

Why would anyone find that gladdening? Seeing a dog hang himself, only to ignore him afterwards.

Today we heard a man responding with the comment, ‘normal people at least socialize their dogs’, whilst not even taking the least amount of effort to give Venus attention when she responded to his continuing sounds. He just stood there enjoying her hanging herself up in the collar to get to him. How in hell does that help with socializing a dog?

Training only gets you so far. A six month old terrier will never ignore high-pitched noises from a few feet away. And when you’re trying to lock your vehicle and don’t have the option to use treats to keep our puppy’s focus, it is especially difficult to keep them calm.

The worst part though, is that when we nicely ask people to not lure our dogs, they usually get angry; responding in a stand-offish way as if we attacked them personally. Why do people take something like that as an insult?

If people just ask whether or not they can pet our dogs, and agree to ask them first to sit down, they’re more than welcome to cuddle our dogs. We just do not want to teach our dogs that pulling is good behavior and get rewarded for it. Why is that so hard to understand?

For anyone reading this. Please do not randomly lure any dog with a cute face whenever you so please, to just ignore it afterwards. And at least, if their owner kindly asks you not to do so, don’t whine like a baby.

We don’t walk our dogs for your entertainment. We are not a walking petting-zoo.

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  1. Ohhh, I feel you!
    Just recently, we went out to grab a drink and took our staffy with us. As he is generally pretty curious and active, it takes some time to get him to calm down and just enjoy the stay. But pretty soon I noticed that he keeps pulling and wandering off and I didn’t understand what he found so interesting until I noticed that the men at the table behing us were continuously distracting his attention and luring him to them. And what’s even worse, they were luring him with a slice of pizza!!! I asked them to stop and they just asked why. I expained why and that he couldn’t have pizza and they asked again why and were so offended that they couldn’t give my dog pizza..

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