When discovering the zero waste movement for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming. The term ‘zero’ in particular can seem a bit daunting. How on earth can a person produce zero waste?!


Not about ‘zero’

A while ago, had a peak at some popular zero waste pinterest accounts. On one of them we saw someone promoting zero waste floss. ‘How amazing!‘ we thought. ‘We have to check that out!‘ So, we clicked the link and read the blog post, excited to learn more. The article explained the ins and outs of a little electric gadget that cleans your teeth. But what’s that gadget made of? Plastic of course!

Though being left behind a bit disappointed, it did teach us an important lesson about the zero waste lifestyle. It is not about literally producing zero waste, but about making better choices and gradually changing your habits over time. After realizing that it isn’t at all about the ‘zero’ in zero waste, the pressure was off. But still, the change in lifestyle can initially throw quite some hurdles at you. Especially after the realization that plastic has become one with our current society.

Then, the following question arises: How far should we take it? In special ‘bulk stores’, everything is sold without packaging, and you’re free to fill your produce bags and glass jars. At times though, products are delivered to these stores in some kind of non-recyclable packaging. How far up this chain are you willing to go to exclude packaging material?

Zero waste overnight oats


It just takes some time

There are so many questions and obstacles when you first start your journey towards a zero waste lifestyle. But honestly, we’d have to say no, it is certainly not difficult. Transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle merely takes time. As long as you does not focus on ‘zero’ in zero waste and take things one day at a time, everyone can do it. We’re certain of that!

Come to think of it, in hindsight none of the obstacles seem significant in any way. All of the changes we’ve made over time, have become part of our ‘normal’ life. Instead of buying a package of oat milk for our overnight oats, we substitute it with mashed banana and a splash of water. And guess what, it tastes even better! What once was an obstacle is now normal and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We personally still have a ways to go before we are fully satisfied with our way of life. But we choose to focus on what we have accomplished so far, and that’s what keeps us going!

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