What’s that? I open my eyes and figure out what woke me up. It’s that new puppy, Venus, gnawing on my ear. I lift my lips, tell her to bug off, turn around and try to go back to sleep again.

Kgrr, kgrr, kgrr.

Puppy is chewing on one of our buffalo horns. Great, now I’m wide awake. I didn’t hear an alarm yet, so mum and dad must still be asleep, or pretending to be, just like me.

Beep, beep, beep.

Finally, I see two feet dangling from the bed above me. I see panties being pulled over two not-so-hairy legs, a pair of trousers.. Venus’ seen it too. She starts yawning, crying loudly every time she does.

Dad opens the crate-door and I try to cuddle him, but Venus crawls up from under me and reaches him first. Shucks, I’ll have to go and get my morning tickles from mum, then. There she is again, that darn puppy. Okay, never mind. I needed a wee anyways.

Two Staffordshire Bull Terriers in impact dog crate



After doing my things in the bushes (mum picking up behind me) and having a quick sniff in the grass, I suddenly see a frisbee appear in dad’s hand. YES. PLAY TIME! OK, let’s go now! Hurry up! Come on, let’s head to that field! Hurry, hurry! As dad lets me off the lead, I cry out a little (I can’t help it, I’m just so excited). OK, there we go, yes yes, got it! Ow no, there’s that damn puppy again trying to tackle me. Things were much easier back in the day.

Right, so where’s my breakfast? Well? Ah finally, there it is! Now I can relax in the sun for a bit. Hmm, the puppy is lifted in our crate, guess I’ll hop in too. ‘No Mojo’ I hear in the background, guess I’ll just ignore that and curl up on my bed for a nap. Mum keeps calling though, ‘Mojo, come here!’. She’s holding my harness and I slowly back away, I don’t like it when they lift that over my head! Don’t they see me licking and yawning nervously?

Click, click, click.

The harness is on. Oh there’s a treat, and another. Cool! Now what? Wait, is the puppy not coming along? That’s nice, a short and peaceful walk, just the three of us. But why are my parents wearing those backpacks again?


Hop hop hop

Well, into the forest we go! Hurry up you two, let’s quickly head to the part where you’ll let me run around off leash! They always  walk so slowly…

Rocks, roots, and more rocks, this is not what I asked for. Ok, let’s hop over these few rocks to the field of grass behind it so that I can finally run after a ball again! Hmm… Rocks, hop, rocks, hop. That seems like a high rock, a well I can make it.. boom, I can still make it! Ah, you didn’t have to lift me up! I could have definitely done that myself!

It’s getting quite steep though and a bit hot, and were’s that meadow you promised we’d visit? Or didn’t you say we were going to play at some point? You definitely did, I think.

Mojo on rocks


A little lift

And what’s this thing here? I’m not a human, what should I do? Oh you’re carrying me now? That’s kind of comfortable actually, you can keep carrying me for a while.

I see the top, I can go! I can do it myself now! C’mon dad, let me go! Finally, back on my feet. Ow, another one of those things.. Don’t you understand that I can’t climb them? There we go again, dad picks me up and up we go. Quite nice these lifts, I’m a little tired anyways (but only a little!).

Mojo being carried down a flight of stairs

Finally, a flat surface, I can walk by myself here. Is this the end? Mom and dad take off their backpacks, I guess I’ll sleep in the sun then. Napping without a puppy hopping over me and gnawing in my ear and neck, it’s quite nice.

I’m offered a bowl of water. Nice!

Slurp, slurp, slurp.

Bags back on, guess we’ll walk further. Oh, no, we’re going all the way back down those weird constructions. How could one walk on those?! Would’ve liked to see Venus give them a try! Dad carries me down again, phew! Guess that harness is quite handy after all.


Up we go

Finally I can hop across these rocks myself again. Up we go! I see all those slow people, taking their time to climb up these rocks. Why don’t they just jump like me? It’s so much more fun!

Hmm, a normal path again. Mom and dad take their bags off again. Sniff sniff, food! Puppy eyes, can I have it now? Like, now? Please? Thank you!

Munching on a piece of beaf head skin, I’m in heaven. I don’t hear anything, I don’t see anything.

Chew, chew, chew, chew…

Where’s my food at? Wasn’t it just in between my paws? In my jaws? Who took my food? Did I eat it all, already? Can I get another? Another sip of water then, thank you.




As mum and dad get up and we continue walking, I just hope we’re not going back down off these stairs again. I want to run!

CLICKGo on, Mojo!

Endless fields of flowers and grass. I knew it, I just knew we’d get here at some point! Dad doesn’t have a frisbee, but that’s alright, I’ll just keep running. You really don’t have a frisbee? Okay. I’ll keep running then. Really? Okay. But, really? Okay.

mojo running towards us

If you want to read more about the Swedish High Coast, mum and dad wrote a little something about it, too (though it isn’t as good and fun as my story, of course 😉 ).

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