You have plans to visit someone at their house in a few minutes. Be it a good friend, or someone you’re meeting for the first time. So you take off and travel to their house. The first thing you hear is:

‘Hey, come on in! Would you like something to drink, something to eat?’

One of the first things people tend to do, is offer you something to eat and drink. It probably isn’t said right away, depending on your relationship of course, but it often comes up during first few minutes after arriving at someone’s home.

It certainly comes from a good place with good intentions. However, it does not always pan out well for everyone.

Somehow, many people often get slightly offended when you do not accept their offer. By saying ‘No, thank you’, people seem to get the impression that there is something wrong. They might think that you don’t feel welcome, or that you’re don’t trust their cooking skills. Especially when the host baked a cake or spent time in their kitchen creating something else prior to your arrival, declining their offer can disappoint them,

Personally, we have different reasons to politely decline.


Why choose so

Over the years, we’ve often encountered such occasions. Especially over the past few months, we’ve often said ‘No, thank you’ – but certainly not often enough though. This solely has to do with the values we hold, which doesn’t make things easier.

We’ve been following a vegetarian diet for quite a while now, whilst also limiting dairy products. This alone makes that quite a lot of food doesn’t fit our preferences. Besides this, we prefer to eat as healthy as possible. The food and drinks that are offered usually don’t fall into that category. They mostly include cookies and cake full of who knows what.

Now that we’ve also taken a step to limit waste production, and focus on buying organic products, things have become quite difficult. So many items are packaged in some form of plastic these days. This is just another reason for us to kindly refuse when we are offered something to eat.


Stand our ground

Eating together is important and should definitely be a social event as often as possible. Planning dinner with friends and family is always good. But it should certainly not go at the cost of your values.

It is especially difficult when meeting new people, which we do often whilst living on the road. You can easily explain your beliefs to close friends and family, and they’ll most certainly understand. But having to explain it all to every person you meet can be difficult and time consuming. A simple ‘No, thank you’ is usually all we say.

Too often we’ve accepted something that goes against our values, just to avoid some kind of confrontation. But our nay-saying has improved over time and we’re slowly getting used to it. Although it sometimes feels like we’re the weird ones, we’ve come to find it more odd that so few people care about the well-being of the planet we all call home.

How far are you willing to go out of your comfort zone to stand your ground?

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