We realize that owning dogs is certainly not the most sustainable thing one can do. But who really can withstand the love of a little puppy? We know it’s selfish, but don’t we all have a few of those things?

The least we can then do is opt for more sustainable products and brands when buying gear and food for our four-legged friends.

So today, we’d like to share a few brands with you that have a strong focus on sustainability. We can’t get our hands on all of them, but you might find that one of them offers a great alternative for you and your dogs!


1. Naturaw

Let’s start off with what is probably our favorite brand of dog products; Naturaw.

Naturaw offers a variety of perfectly balanced pre-made raw mixes that follow the prey model ratio. We haven’t been able to find this in the Netherlands, nor during our travels in other European countries.

Meat is actually the worst type of food to eat considering sustainability. That shouldn’t be a reason to not feed a dog what nature intended though. Besides sustainability we also highly value health. Dogs are facultative carnivores. Their diet should therefore consist of meat, bone and organ rather than (processed) plant material.

What’s most unique about this company, is their effort put into sustainable packaging materials. We’ve never come across any other brand that has taken it this far. And we did a lot (really a lot) of research into this!

Each portion of premade raw mince comes in a biodegradable tub. That’s right! It’s made of sugar cane. These tubs are then wrapped in a sleeve made of recyclable and compostable paper, printed in vegetable (soy) based inks.

Instead of using polystyrene to insulate the boxes during transportation, the boxes are lined with wool to keep the food cool! You can re-use the wool, or return it to the company for them to re-use in a future delivery. Isn’t that just awesome?

You can read all about Naturaw on www.naturaw.co.uk and order your products via this website. Our favorite product is the All Pheasant.

our dog mojo smiling


2. Natural Dog Company

Of all brands featured in today’s list, we’ve known Natural Dog Company the longest. We have actually been using their products for well over a year and are very content. Their Skin Soother (an amazing balm that repairs and soothes red and itchy skin) has made it to the tight selection of items that moved into our camper van.

A while a go already, Mojo suffered from quite a severe rash on her paws. Her toes swelled up and turned red, and even sticked together at times. The rash irritated Mojo so much that she licked her paws so frantically that her whole dog bed would be wet each time we returned home! After using the Skin Soother for a few days, her paws went back to normal and she has stopped licking her paws ever since.

Natural Dog Company create natural, vegan, and organic care products for dogs. These include balms for different purposes (such as dry snoots and sore paws) as well as shampoo bars.

Natural Dog Company

Though some products come in plastic, they all have a zero-waste option, too. When buying a balm, customers can choose between a stick in plastic packaging, or a metal tin. Of course, we chose the latter! These tins come in three sizes. Small tins are perfect for travel, where larger tins are great if you share your home with several dogs, or simply if you live in an area with harsh winters.

Along with these balms, you can order natural chews. And unlike their products, which are vegan, these are species appropriate! Bully sticks are available in various shapes and sizes, and yak milk chews are another durable chew they offer. Both of which come package free, or with a small bag of natural material!

Natural Dog Company


3. Cranbery

Regular dog collars and leads are often made of nylon or different types of low quality plastics.

We’re always on the lookout for sustainable alternatives, and only recently stumbled upon this brand. Located in Ireland, Cranbery create hemp leashes and collars, as well as durable climbing rope leashes.

Their hemp products are hand dyed, and dried next to a wood burner or in sunlight on warmer days.They even take it a step further by also powering the lighting in their office with solar energy! That’s just pure dedication! All products are hand labeled in recycled craft paper using low grade inks.

The hemp collar and lead combinations come in six soft, earthy colors. We haven’t yet decided which ones we’d go for, but we’re sure to find a few colors that suit both our dogs, and so will you! Now if only they also made Y-shaped dog harnesses1! (Hint hint)


4. West Paw

You might have read about West Paw on our blog before. We wrote about their products a few times this year (here, here, and here), so we’ll keep this one short.

In the mountains of Montana, West Paw creates a variety of sustainable dog products that range from toys to beds. Of all brands that we’ve listed for you today, they offer the most variety. Their dog toys are labeled using recyclable paper; much more appealing than plastic wrapping.

West Paw is actually a certified B-Corp, which really shows in the way they treat not only their people, but also the planet. You can read more about it on their website.

All of their toys are 100% recyclable. If your dog happens to break one of his Zogoflex toys, it can even be returned to the company where it gets molded into an all new ball or frisbee! So far however, most of our West Paw toys have stood up to Mojo and Venus’ chewing and tugging.

All toys come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can definitely find a toy that’s right for your pup!

our dog catching her west paw dash


5. Raw for Paw

Let’s close off today’s list with something very important; treats! At least your dog would think so 😉

Raw for Paw is a small Swedish company that we recently discovered and have fallen in love with. They create freeze-dried treats for dogs that are organic and 100% meat based.

All ingredients involved in the production of these healthy treats are sourced sustainably. The treats are either made from wild animals that have roamed Swedish forests their entire life, or lived on local farms in Småland.

After finishing the freeze-drying process, the treats are packaged in recyclable paper tubes. Now, we love lightweight dog treats for hikes and training sessions, but haven’t come across any packaged sustainably before. We’re currently in Sweden and can’t wait to get our hands on a few of their varieties!

Raw for Paw freezedried dog treats


Other great products

Though the aforementioned brands purely focus on creating sustainable products for dogs, there are other brands with some great products in their selection, too! So, here’s a short list of items that we’d recommend you check out:

wash bar original soap for dogs

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  1. West Paw is one of our favorite brands. The toys are nearly indestructible and we love what the brand stands for.

    1. Same here! They have such a variety of toys, too. Something suitable for every dog 🙂

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