Today we’ve got something different. We’ve collaborated with the amazing folk over at Just like us they love vegan food, nature, and of course traveling across the globe. Instead of traveling with a camper van though, David and Charlotte explore the world in a very different way! If you hadn’t heard about them before today, you should hop on over to their site to check out their stories, amazing photography and learn all about slow and vegan traveling!

We asked David and Charlotte five questions, so you’re about to get to know them! And when you’re done reading, you can get to know us a little better too. We answered the same questions over on their website.

But we’ll stop now and let our friends do the talking for a day!


Who are we?

We are Charlotte and David, and travel is our favourite thing!  We love exploring new countries and meeting new people, but one of the best parts about travelling is trying exciting new foods! We are vegans and we love the fact that we are able to follow a plant based diet wherever we are in the world. Sure, some countries are more difficult than others but that’s part of the fun! You get an idea of the soul of a country by exploring its food. We are also passionate about the environment and try to travel sustainably – seeing how beautiful the world is on our travels it makes us feel strongly about protecting it!

Over on our website you can find advice on vegan travel and green travel, as well as following our adventures as we go. Before leaving for our travels, we were based in Brighton, UK, where Charlotte is a librarian and David is a chef.

Charlotte from nofixedhome at little adams peak


How and where do we travel?

Our favourite way to travel is slowly. We don’t tend to book far ahead or plan out our itinerary in advance. The best part about travelling like this is that it is really flexible. If we like somewhere we can stop for as long as we want, or if we’re not feeling a particular place then we can just move on.

Our adventure started in November 2017 with a month’s stay in Nepal, where we did some trekking and fell in love with the Nepalese people and their delicious food (seriously, the momos are to die for!) Then came three months in beautiful, chaotic and incredible India. We also travelled around Sri Lanka for a month, taking in lush green tea plantations, picture-perfect beaches and wild elephants. The next leg of our trip has taken us to South East Asia, where after spending six weeks getting to know Thailand, Cambodia captured our hearts.


Why did we choose to travel this way?

Well, we are firm believers that to really get under a country’s skin, to get to know the people and the culture, you need to spend more time there. It’s easy to get into a pattern of feeling like you need to rush from place to place in order to see the sights, to tick off the ‘must-sees’. If you only have a limited time to travel then of course you’ll want to make the most of it. But as long-term travellers we prefer to take things slow. Travelling at a slower pace is also better for the environment – if you’re not in a hurry, you’re less likely to take short haul or domestic flights. We’d rather spend our time on a cross-country train making new friends than squished in an aeroplane any day!


What do we love about our way of travelling?

It gives us the freedom to go at our own pace, rather than being tied into itineraries, hotel bookings or tours. There is something really gratifying about staying in a place which starts off being completely foreign to you, but then staying long enough to learn more about it and have it start to feel like home. Our temporary home right now is Siem Reap in Cambodia.

The plan is to stay here for a month or two, as we have really fallen in love with the place – but after that the need to get on the road again will probably be very strong! Right now we have a cute little studio apartment to ourselves, with a kitchen, in a quiet leafy area of Siem Reap. David’s been inspired by the local Cambodian cuisine and has been cooking up a vegan storm on our tiny one-ring gas stove!


What are some of the downsides?

Of course, spending more time in one place means that there is less time for other destinations. We don’t have the luxury of being able to travel forever (unfortunately!) and our trip is only going to last one year. Now that we have decided to spend a few months in Siem Reap, there are going to be some tough decisions later on. There won’t be the time to visit all the countries that we want to see in SE Asia. Do we head to Laos and Vietnam? Or Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia?

After all the time spent planning, stalking travel accounts on Instagram and fantasising about which countries we were going to visit, having to cut some from the list is really tough. But honestly, it is worth it for the immersive experience we are having in Cambodia. And hopefully (come on lottery win!) there will be more opportunities to continue travelling in the years to come, and visit these countries too. We’d rather see a few places properly than rush through a whole list of must-see destinations.


What are our best travel moments so far

There have been some amazing and unforgettable moments on our trip so far, and there are bound to be many more. We’re both huge animal lovers, so seeing elephants in the wild has got to be a standout memory. In Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka, we were lucky enough to see these amazing animals in their natural habitat. To see a large male casually stroll right past our jeep, and a family with babies playing in a watering hole was just one of the most incredible things we’ve ever seen – it was quite emotional!

Another highlight was a dawn pilgrimage at the top of Adam’s Peak, also in Sri Lanka – getting up at 2am and walking to the top, before watching the sun come up surrounded by people of many different faiths from all over the world.

The Pai Sunset

Spending Charlotte’s birthday snorkelling in crystal clear waters off the coast of a perfect Thai island, or stuffing our faces with incredible authentic Indian food…there are almost too many moments to mention!


Do we have travel plans for the future?

Yes! The travel bug has seriously got hold of us. We feel like we’ve only just started to scratch the surface of all the amazing places in the world that are waiting to be explored. We’re returning back to the UK in October as the need to earn some pennies will be fairly urgent by then, and there are jobs, friends and family to get back to. But we have dreams of becoming location independent and finding a way of travelling long term. Just watch this space!

We’d just like to say thank you so much to Jordy and Marijke for having us over here on Mojo and Friends! We look forward to seeing all of their future adventures in their amazing van conversion. They have answered the same questions as us for our website, so why not head over here to see what they have to say! If you liked our post, please follow us on our website. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

C & D xx

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