Most of you reading this probably share their home with a four legged family member.

Aside from healthy food and a cozy, your dog will appreciate an interactive game of fetch or tug with his owner.

Our dogs Mojo and Venus have very different play styles, they both love toys, but tend to play with them differently.

We were kindly sent an array of dog toys by West Paw, and tested them over the past couple of months. We have previously written about their Zogoflex Air toys and quiz toys.

Today, we share our review about their third and last line of products. We’ll be telling you all about the West Paw Zogoflex dog toys!

Disclaimer: We were sent a range of toys for free, in exchange for our honest review.

our staffordshire bull terrier Mojo



As you might know from our previous blog posts, we love West Paw because aside from creating a huge variety of dog toys, they focus on sustainability.

All Zogoflex dog toys are fully recyclable, and can even be shipped back to the factory in their ‘Join The Loop’ program. Old toys are placed back in the machine and will be part of a new dog toy for a lucky pup somewhere across the world.

box with west paw zogoflex dog toys


Floatable and colorful

All Zogoflex toys float. And we are extremely happy about it.

A few years ago we bought Mojo a durable new ball, hoping that it would last a while. She saw a bird flying off and got distracted, and dropped her ball in a lake. It sank, and that was €15 down the drain, quite literally.

Though we don’t always play fetch in water, Mojo at times runs of with her toy to a lake if its nearby. It’s great to have toys that float so you can be sure that you’ll never lose it if it’s accidentally dropped in a body of water!

All of these Zogoflex toys come in three amazing colors. They’re vibrant but not too bold, perfect colors if you ask us.

Most toys come in two sizes, some even in three. Depending on your dog’s breed, you can determine which size and toy will be best for them!

Anyways, without further ado, let’s jump into this review and tell you all about our experiences with these Zogoflex dog toys!



Let’s start off with a the most regular toy in the Zogoflex range, the Jive!

The Jive is a solid and sturdy ball with a slight groove on the surface. It’s quite heavy, but still bounces a tad.

The Jive comes in three sizes (XS, S, and L). The intermediate version is equal in size to that of a tennis ball and fits into a regular ball thrower!

west paw zogoflex jive ball

Like most West Paw dog toys, it comes in three vivid colors. The exterior is smooth and very soft to the touch. Since it’s slightly heavier than other balls, it is great for throwing.

We have used this ball a lot, and are very impressed with how it’s held up to Mojo’s chewing! Mojo has a tendency to squeeze down on toys when she retrieves them, and over the past few months the ball has endured a lot. But it still looks as new!

This ball is a tad heavy, so if your dog doesn’t like to hold heavy objects, this ball wouldn’t be the best fit for your pup on this list. If your dog is a tough chewer however, this toy is perfect.

Mojo and Venus have taken it out of their toy basket a few times and chewed on it without us realizing, and though the toy isn’t made for chewing, it still looks great.

Keep in mind that this toy is made for fetch, and not for unsupervised play!

our dog playing with a zogoflex jive ball



Up next is Tizzy, a very uniquely shaped dog toy. We can only describe it as a ball with two zig-zag legs.

Like the Jive, it comes in the same three vibrant colors.

The Tizzy is a versatile toy, that can be used for fetch, tug, and puzzle fun.

The middle of this toy has a hole that can be stuffed with small treats. Interlocking the zig-zag legs keeps the treats in place and increases the difficulty for your dog to reach its reward.

Since we’re moving towards a minimalist lifestyle, we understand why some people might not want many dog toys. A versatile toy can then come in very handy, so we were excited to try out the Tizzy.

west paw zogoflex tizzy dog toy

We love using this Tizzy for games of fetch. Mojo loves to shake toys when she runs back to us, and this toy is perfect for that. It also wiggles in the air when you throw it, which adds a little extra to the simple game of fetch.

Interlocking the legs makes the toy more aerodynamic, but whenever we throw it, the legs separate. We like throwing it with the zig-zag legs separated though, so for us that’s not too much of an issue.

Although this toy worked perfectly for fetch, we did not like to use this for games of tug at all. This is mainly caused by the fact that the zig-zag legs are very close to each other.

Mojo is a small dog, but she has wide jaws. Although she is very gentle and careful not to touch us with her teeth, she does tend to get quite excited when playing tug of war. The short proximity between the legs caused Mojo to nearly nip us when  trying to get hold of one of the legs of this Tizzy toy.

The toy is also quite stiff, so the legs don’t bend that far. It might work perfectly well for smaller breeds of dog, of ones that are a tad less tenacious, but for large dogs this toy is not the safest bet for a game of tug.

The durability of the Tizzy is great however, and we do really like it. For us it’s just a tad less versatile. We’ll keep using it during fetch, but leave the games of tug over to those of you that have dogs who aren’t as feisty as Mojo and Venus! 😉

our dog playing with a zogoflex tizzy dog toy



Let’s talk about the Bumi, an S-shaped dog toy made for fun games of tug-o-war.

Like most of the West Paw toys, this is also a dog toy with multiple purposes. In addition to tug, you can again also use it to play fetch.

This toy is incredibly sturdy and it feels great to hold on to. We used a Kong tug toy in the past, but when we received the Bumi, it made a great first impression.

During the first play session however, we immediately realized that the design of this toy doesn’t really suit tug-o-war. For us, at least.

Whenever our dogs pull on the other end of this toy, the toy extends to an almost linear shape. This means that it is incredibly elastic (which it is supposed to be), but it comes with a downside that made us refrain from playing games of tug.

west paw zogoflex bumi dog toy

Mojo has a very firm and strong bite, and when she gets into a game of tug she will not let go unless we ask her to do so. Although she tries to hold on to the Bumi, at many occasions, the toy has slipped from between her teeth. It has even knocked us in the face a few times!

When the toy extends, Mojo can’t bite into it with her molars, but it falls in between her incisors and slips out of her mouth.

We still own the toy and will try it out for games of fetch in the future, but we’ll stick to our Kong tug toy for now when playing tug of war!

We’d love to see a remake of this toy in a different shape. Perhaps something that looks like a figure eight, or two triangles connected to each other, would work better.



Up next is the Hurley, a sturdy alternative to a stick or chew. It’s referred to as a ‘dog bone’ and we can easily see why.

This toy is perfect for tough chewers, and is designed for individual play as well as fun games of fetch.

For our staffies, we have size S, the intermediate size of the three varieties.

west paw zogoflex hurley dog toy

We are very happy with this toy. It looks very simple but it can be used for both interactive and individual play.

Mojo isn’t much of a chewer, but Venus really is. Although she alternates between dog toys, their dog bed, our shoelaces, and anything else she can put her teeth in, she’s enjoyed chewing on this Hurley.

We have also used this toy to play fetch and we love that they can hold it like a stick. For most other toys, like the Jive, dogs have to keep their mouths wide open to hold them. This Hurley is easier to hold and hence also comfortable to play with for smaller dogs!

our puppy playing with a zogoflex hurley dog toy



A very different toy, the Zisc, is up next on our list of Zogoflex toys.

It’s soft, lightweight, and extremely flexible. It’s made for frisbee, but can also be used for quick games of fetch.

Mojo really loves to play frisbee, so we were very excited to introduce her to this toy and put it to the test. Out of all West Paw toys that we tried out, we have used this one the most.

It does float, much better than the Zogoflex Air Dash, but not does not float as well as the plastic frisbees we had previously.

west paw zogoflex zisc dog toy

We do however prefer this one. Plastic frisbees develop sharp edges over time, and have caused wounds in Mojo’s mouth in the past. The Zogoflex Zisc stays soft, no matter how damaged it gets.

We just have to play with it slightly different. With our previous frisbees, we’d like to throw over long distances as Mojo really likes to chase objects. With this frisbee we tend to play more interactively, and we’re now teaching her tricks and other things that she hadn’t learnt yet.

One major downside about using flexible frisbees however, is the fact that they get damaged more easily. Mojo has the tendency to fold this frisbee each time she returns it to us. Occasionally she also shakes her head back and forth.

This has sadly caused the frisbee to tear apart quite quickly. We can still use it, and do so, but it is now really at its end.

We’re currently using it to teach Venus to retrieve frisbees, by gently rolling it on its edge. Since Venus is still a pup, her soft gums are still sensitive. A softer object is hence much safer to use, and this Zisc has come in very handy!

our puppy with a zogoflex zisc dog toy



The final toy we’re discussing today is the Tux.

This is a sturdy chew and treat toy that looks like three solid balls with a hole in the middle. It’s an odd shape, and difficult to explain!

Since we also have the Qwizl and Toppl toys, we haven’t really used the Tux as a treat toy yet.

west paw zogoflex tux dog toy

We have played fetch with it a few times, and it’s a very sturdy toy that bounces in unexpected directions when it hits the ground. Since it’s fairly heavy, it doesn’t bounce far though.

Although Mojo loves to retrieve this toy, it is less comfortable to throw than all other toys we mentioned today, and hence this is not our favourite toy of the Zogoflex range.

Although we love this toy and believe that it is incredibly durable, we’ve still to introduce it using treats.

west paw zogoflex tux dog toy


Share your thoughts!

Do you own any Zogoflex dog toys? Or other toys made by West Paw? Talk to us about them in the comment section below!

West Paw Zogoflex Dog Toys













  • The Zogoflex dog toys are incredibly versatile
  • The dog toys come in various colour options
  • All Zogoflex dog toys are floatable


  • The Zogoflex Zisc wasn't as durable as we had hoped
  • The Zogoflex Bumi doesn't function well as a tug toy

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