I’m not a fashionista. I have never really been interested in the topic of fashion, but I do appreciate the look and feel of good quality fabrics.

I never spent much money on clothes and accessories. Over time though, I’ve really come to regret my ignorance and I’m glad to have opened my eyes to high quality items and have started to value them more and more.

A good quality pair of shoes will last an incredibly long time and your feet will thank you for choosing a better option. Just like one great handbag will bring you much more joy than several poor quality alternatives.



Around eight years ago, I received a high quality leather wallet with a subscription to a magazine.

I was one of those people that used to buy a cheap new purse every year or so because I liked change – even though I had a perfectly functional and gorgeous wallet in my posession.

Those new purses made me happy, for a few days, and then it’d dawn on me that the quality was poor and I didn’t appreciate it. I always went back to that original leather wallet.

The quality of this wallet is so great, that I still own it. It’s still completely damage free and the zipper works perfectly. There’s just one downside, the purse is massive.

I don’t like taking a large bag along just to fit my wallet, so I decided it would be time for my leather wallet to move on to a new owner.

I’d been on the lookout for a new purse for a few months and didn’t want to make another mistake buying an item I didn’t love as much as my original one.

I ended up buying a purse from ElizaEliza, and I love it so much that I’d like to share my experiences with the purse and the small business!

Eliza Eliza coin purse with Triodos debit card



We are by no means minimalists. I used to like having stuff, useful or not, and I’m not sure why exactly!

Since we’re slowly approaching our switch to a nomadic lifestyle, we have to learn to live with less. Over the past few months we have slowly sold and given away quite a few of our belongings.

Although it felt odd to part with some items, we quickly adjusted to having less clutter.

My wallet was always messy, it was filled with so many unnecessary things like old receipts and a loyalty card for every store I would never even set foot in. Since it was a large wallet, I had space for 30 receipts and 20 cards and could still fit in my phone.

Every time I opened my wallet I had to search for what I needed, so I decided to clean it out.

I left only the necessities: a debit card, personal identification, driver’s license, health insurance card, and some cash. But now I had a massive wallet with just a handful of items!

Needless to say, I needed a smaller and more minimalistic purse, and I found just that in my handwoven organic hemp purse from Eliza Eliza.


Small business

We love promoting small businesses and connecting with store owners, so I scrolled through Etsy on a number of occasions and there was one store that I kept coming back to: Eliza Eliza.

Elizabeth’s store offered just a handful of items, all of which were equally beautiful and simplistic, exactly what I was looking for.

I ordered an organic cotton coin purse in the colour navy, but Elizabeth quickly contacted me that this item was sadly out of stock. She offered to send over a clutch instead, without additional cost.

I opted for a different colour coin purse instead, made from organic hemp.

What I loved about this is the effort Elizabeth went through to offer an alternative. This is why we promote small businesses. It also offered a way for us to get in contact with Elizabeth and learn more about her brand.

Eliza Eliza coin purse and clutch navy


Handwoven material

What drew me to buying a purse from Eliza Eliza is the fact that it is a sustainably and ethically conscious business.

The outer material of all purses and clutches is made from organic cotton or hemp, handwoven in Lancashire, UK.

The quality of the material is outstanding. It feels as if this purse will last a lifetime.

The inner lining is also made of 100% organic cotton. This means that, if I were to ever handwash this purse, no microplastics would seep into the environment!

Every time I take out this purse, a smile appears on my face. It brings me joy to use such a simple, beautiful, and ethically sound item.



Elizabeth doesn’t only focus on using organic and handmade materials. She has partnered with two charities and donates £7/£5 for every clutch bag or purse she sells.

This money is donated to one of either partner charities. The first charity is The Eve Appeal who raise awareness, and fund valuable research into gynae cancers.

Unseen is the second charity which supports victims of modern slavery by supporting them in building a new life.


The V collection

Besides partnering with these charities, Eliza Eliza uses an amazing way to raise awareness of gynaecological cancers.

In her V collection, each coin purse is lined with an organic cotton ‘vulva’ lining. It is covered in small images of female genitalia. Isn’t that just unique? Who doesn’t want to praise women’s bodies?

These purses also have a coloured zip, that adds just a splash of colour on the exterior.

Eliza Eliza coin purse V collection


Overall opinion

The Eliza Eliza brand is very inspiring and I love each item that Elizabeth has created. I particularly like that the range is quite small, and that new ranges are brought out as seasons change.

My coin purse has been amazing so far, and after using it daily for a couple of months it is still in perfect condition.

It’s a tad large for a coin purse, but I’ve found that most handmade coin purses are of a similar size. The purse still fits into small handbags but could even still hold your lip balm as well. It’d actually be great as a small makeup bag as well!

If you’d like to order your own purse (or item of your choice) from this lovely website, feel free to use the discount code MOJOANDFRIENDS to save 10% off your order (until April 30th 2018).

This is not sponsored, nor is this an affiliate link. We honestly love Elizabeth’s products and would love for you to give them a look!

Eliza Eliza coin purse













  • This purse is very minimalistic with a great appearance
  • Sustainably sourced, and ethically made materials
  • Handmade in a small business
  • Buying an item will sponsor two charities


  • This purse does not have any compartments (for us this is a pro - but some of you might not like it)

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