Our dog is fed a raw diet. Since we receive quite a few comments on Mojo’s diet, today we’re answering five questions we are commonly asked!

We hope that this Q&A will help you out if you are considering feeding your dog a raw food diet. If you still have any remaining questions, feel free to ask them below!

If you need some extra help, you can contact us!

bowl of raw dog food


How much should I feed my dog?

Every dog is different. Your dog’s daily needs are influenced by their body weight and activity level. The requirements also depend on individual differences in metabolic rates.

On average, an adult raw fed dog eats anywhere between 2-3% of their ideal body weight a day. Mojo is very active, and has a high metabolism. She eats approximately 3.4%.

If you are switching your adult dog to a raw diet, we would suggest starting out at 2.5% of their body weight. You can then monitor over time if your dog is losing weight or gaining, and adjust as needed.

We have created two simple calculators for you to figure out a good amount of raw food to start with for your dog. These calculators are based on your dog’s body weight, and your preferred feeding percentage.

This first calculator can be used to calculate your dog’s daily requirements in lbs and oz. Simply insert your dog’s weight in lbs, and your preferred feeding percentage.


This second calculator can be used to calculate your dog’s daily requirements in grams. Insert your dog’s weight in kg, and your preferred feeding percentage.



Note: If you feed twice a day, keep in mind that you have to feed half of the calculated daily intake per meal!


Puppies need more food than adults. In general, you can feed along the following percentages of their bodyweight (these can also be calculated above):

2-4 months: 10-8%

4-6 months: 8-6%

6-8 months: 6-4%

8-12 months: 4-3%


Where do you buy the ingredients?

We order Mojo’s food on a Dutch website that offers everything we could ever need to prepare a balanced meal. Over time we have helped quite a few people find a similar store or website in their country and we’ve never come up empty handed. We’ve found that most countries have similar places to order raw food.

Besides portioning your own raw food, there are many options to buy pre-made raw food both online as well as in many local pet stores! If you feed pre-made raw food, you are assured that your four legged friend receives all the nutrients he needs on a daily basis.
Note: If you are new to raw feeding, it is important to research thoroughly prior to starting out. An adult dog can not simply be switched to pre-made raw food, they have to adjust to one type of meat at a time. We will explain how to make the switch to a raw diet in a future blog post, but you can contact us if you do have any questions!

Some great brands abroad that are worth having a look if you live in their area are:

  • Naturaw: a brand from the UK that offers both balanced pre-made raw as well as ingredients to prepare your own meals;
  • Vital Essentials: a brand from the US that offer balanced pre-made raw as well as a freeze-dried option that is perfect during travels;
  • Raw Feeding Miami: also in the US, who offer ingredients for DIY meal preparations;
  • Raw Fed Riley: located in Australia, they offer a delivery service of fully balanced prepared raw meals.

If you need help finding a store near your place of residence, feel free to contact us! We’ll try our best to help you find a company that suits your needs.

plastic containers in pmr meal prep


My dog is still a puppy, when can I switch him to a raw diet?

We would recommend to switch your puppy to a raw diet straight away!

Adult dogs have to adjust slowly, and have to be introduced to one type of meat at a time. On the contrary, puppies need a balanced diet every day. Their body is still developing, and growing at fast pace. It’s important that they eat a balanced food, be it kibble, canned, or raw!

If you’re not sure on preparing meals for your dog just yet, try a premade raw dog food!


Is a raw diet more expensive than a kibble based diet?

That depends. Both dry and raw dog food range in pricing.

If you’re used to simply grabbing a bag of Pedigree in your local supermarket, you will end up spending much more food feeding a raw diet. If you feed a kibble like Orijen, Acana, Purizon, or a veterinary prescribed dry food, you will most likely end up spending a similar amount of money on raw food, or much less.

The cost all depends on the food you choose to buy. Some people choose to buy premade raw in small amounts, while others buy ingredients in bulk and prepare the meals at home. The latter will of course be much cheaper.


We mainly feed wildshot or organic meats to Mojo which is a bit more expensive than the regular raw meats. However, it still costs us about 20% less than when we would feed Mojo on Orijen kibble (which would be our preferred choice of kibble).

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How do you sanitize after feeding?

Hygiene is a big aspect that people wonder about when it comes to raw diets. It’s extremely important to sanitize thoroughly after dinner time.

We follow a particular routine every time we feed Mojo, and we feel that this keeps our home as clean as possible.

We fill Mojo’s food bowl on the kitchen counter. We spread out the ingredients using a fork (fully metal, non-porous material). The food container and fork are rinsed with hot water and placed in the sink.

Mojo is usually fed on the linoleum kitchen floor, which is fully watertight and non-porous. Which makes it very easy to clean. When she’s finished eating, we first clean all utensils and her food bowl with hot water and dish soap. Afterwards we clean the floor with a reusable cloth, hot water, and dish soap. This cloth is then rinsed with hot water and placed in the laundry basket.

Another precaution method is to prevent your dog from licking you after he has eaten. Mojo is, for example, not allowed to lick our hands for an hour or so after dinner time.

Nobody in our family has ever gotten sick from being around Mojo or from feeding her. It is nonetheless just meat, similar to what most people prepare for their family.


Previous blog posts about raw dog food

If you want to know more about the outline of the prey model raw diet for dogs, you can read this blog post. We also wrote about how we prepare Mojo’s meals here, which can help you save some time during meal prep!

Don’t forget to ask your questions in a comment below, or to contact us if you need help!

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