We value feeling comfortable at the place that we call home. Although we live in a tiny apartment in a student building, we spent hours and hours painting our walls, laying flooring, building our own furniture with a friend, and adding little finishing touches.

Looks are not the only thing that influence the homely feel. Humans link scents to memories, so we like our home to smell great. It adds that extra touch to make you relax as soon as you step through the door.

Scented candles can add that little bit of extra comfort when you need it most. Sadly, most candles found in stores and online are chemical and unhealthy, for both you and your pets.

Mojoc Candle Co. candle

As we explained in a recent blog post in which we created our own homemade scented candles, most candles are made with paraffin. The fumes that evaporate when burning a regular scented candle are harmful to our bodies.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Mojo Candle Co, a team that create healthy and sustainably sourced reclaimed wine bottle candles! They’re created with soy wax instead of paraffin, which makes them completely natural.



I have always loved scented candles. Jordy wasn’t too keen on them at first, but from time to time we did buy a few when we visited Ikea or a store nearby that sells organic products.

We brought some candles with us on recent holidays and these scents will forever remind us of great times we spent together in a wooden cabin in the Belgian Ardens, and a cosy apartment in London.

Our previous unsustainably sourced candles

Most of these candles where however made from unhealthy chemical components. Finding candles made from natural healthy materials can be quite difficult when out and about.


Mojo Candle Co.

We were excited to be sent two candles from Mojo Candle Co. a few weeks ago. One to try ourselves, and another to send to the winner of our recent giveaway on instagram.

The headquarters of Mojo Candle Co are located in Sydney, Australia. As of November 2017 they also started to distribute their candles from London, UK.

We loved their products for numerous reasons, but actually found them through their name! We found this quote on their website, and we of course couldn’t agree more:


Everyone needs a little Mojo

A lid Mojoc Candle Co. candle


Sustainably sourced materials

The Mojo Candle Co. team collaborate with local bars and restaurants. They collect their empty wine bottles and hand cut them into amazingly unique vessels for their candles. Upcycling (creative reusing products) is the most sustainable option, and the team has done a great job at that!

These hand cut bottles are filled with natural soy wax, which is much healthier than the paraffin used in the average scented candle. Out of all natural waxes that can be used to make candles, soy is one of the most sustainable options.

Soy wax has quite some benefits over that of standard paraffin wax. They are safer to use;  their burning point is quite low, ensuring a lower temperature of melted wax. The wax is biodegradable; if part of it ends up in nature, it is not toxic. Renewable; soy wax is made from soy plants, which can be grown over and over again. Clean burning; when burned, soy wax candles produce hardly any root compared to your usual candles.

Lid of Mojoc Candle Co.

It can of course be said that the production of soy plants is cause for the destruction of rainforests. That is however mainly caused by the agricultural practices rather than the product itself. Whether you produce soy beans or rapeseed for example, they both take up land and thus both prevent nature from growing in that area.

When buying wax, we would argue that it is more important to go for a sustainably sourced wax available at your location rather than focussing on the type.

Lastly, the candles are topped with a gorgeous cork lid, which we simply love. Cork again is a great sustainable and renewable product.

All in all, the products used by this company are outstanding. The materials come together in an amazing product that appeals to many people.


Customer support

When we first came in contact with the Mojo Candle Co. team, they had just set up their new office in the UK and we were their first customers here in Europe. The candles that arrived in the first shipment were sadly completely broken. As this was the first shipment from the UK, they had not yet fully established their packaging methods nor figured out the best courier to ship with.

Our first broken Mojo Candle Co. candles

We contacted them to let them know about the state of the candles, and they immediately responded with sincere apologies. They promised to send another set of candles packaged more securely and sent with a different courier. It is safe to say that the Mojo Candle Co. customer support is great.

Although the glass broke on the first set of candles, we of course did make use of them. We just melted the wax and let it set in some old peanut butter jars. Although we initially solely had one candle to try out, we now had three different scents to experience!


Our experience

Mojo Candle Co. offer eight variations in their range of reclaimed wine bottle candles. The ones that we were sent to review were:

  • Wild Basil & Cucumber
  • Rose, Pepper & Black Mint
  • Cedar & Saffron

These scents are all incredibly different, which is what we love about their range. Every candle is completely different, yet there is something that will suit anyone’s taste.

Label of a Mojoc Candle Co. candle

The candles burn for an incredibly long time, we are currently burning the Wild Basil & Cucumber candle in its original jar. We would estimate a burning time of over 40 hours.

The thing that we love most about these candles is their unique look. The Mojo Candle Co. team really shows that you do not have to sacrifice luxury to live sustainably. All you have to do is think outside the bottle!

Mojo Candle Co. candle




Burn time


Strength of scent


Sustainably sourced materials





  • Amazing selection of scents
  • Unique look
  • Good customer service


  • Not budget proof

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