Camper van conversion: Electrical wire size calculator

Calculating the size of electrical cables and wires may not be the most fun part of your camper van conversion, but it is a critical part of your build. If cables are are too thin, heat buildup within the wires can get too high. You can compare the use of wires that are too thin to trying to push a golf ball through a hose. It may go through, but it will cause a lot of friction! Wires that cannot handle the current can melt. In the worst case scenario, they’ll cause short circuit or they can even catch on…

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DIY: Prey Model Raw Meal Prep

You may have gathered from previous blog posts on our website, that we value healthy living. Besides caring for our own health, we also provide our dog with a healthy diet. When Mojo was a puppy, we used to buy balanced and premade raw food for her. Over time however, we noticed that her body did not react well to it. Feeding premade raw food often resulted in poor stools. The premade raw food that we can buy in the Netherlands has a different balance than the food we currently feed. As we studied dog nutrition more carefully a few…

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Camper van conversion: Our electrical diagram

After a long period of research, it’s finally time for us to order the components of our electrical system and to install them into our camper van. Here, we want to provide a simple general overview of our electrical system and its main components. We will show the diagram sketch of our system and explain some basic terms that come in to play when planning and installing your electrical system. Disclaimer: because working with electricity can be quite dangerous, we recommend to seek advice of a professional or even have one help you install your system. When installing our setup,…

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3 delicious healthy vegan smoothies

Smoothies! What’s not to like? You can make such a wide variety of healthy vegan smoothies with just about every imaginable taste. There has to be one perfect smoothie for everyone out there. That is at least how we feel about smoothies. We absolutely love them! One kitchen tool we will still own when we start our van life journey is a blender just to create some delicious smoothies! You can drink smoothies just as a treat for your sugar cravings. Or you can choose to make a smoothie as healthy as possible by adding vegetables such a carrots, spinach…

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10 biodegradable alternatives for plastic objects

Plastic is incorporated in just about everything in our current society. It’s in the chairs we sit on, the cups of coffee we buy on our way to work, and it surrounds most food that we buy in the grocery store. Sure, we understand that many products made of plastic are necessary in your life. We can’t go without brushing our teeth and doing the dishes! But did you know that there are biodegradable alternatives for all of these plastic items? Over the past year or so, we have gradually replaced plastic items with biodegradable alternatives. Only when they needed…

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Review: Zogoflex Air toys by West Paw

We are always on the hunt for new sustainable products. Sometimes we do so because we need a particular product ourselves, but we also like to share our findings with you guys on this blog. There are countless companies that create products for dogs, yet it isn’t that easy to find items that suit the wishes of people that value sustainability. Now although we already own numerous dog toys, we were kindly sent a wide range of sustainably made products to review. Today’s review includes a number of products by West Paw, a company that creates toys and other products…

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