It is that time of the year again. Christmas is over, and new year is just around the corner. Many of us have some time off during this lovely period.

You finally have some extra time on your hands to wind down and relax. It is also the perfect period of the year to spend some extra quality time with your loved one.

We think that this should however be something that occurs daily! Otherwise you’ll wake up one day next to someone you hardly know anymore. We can’t imagine that that’s something anyone would want!

 In today’s post we would like to share some of our tips that help us to still spend quality time with each other during busy weeks, but also when we have some spare time on our hands!

Spending time together is not only great for the longevity of your relationship, but also great for your health. It’ll help you relax and wind down after a long day of work and it’ll boost your mood!

How couldn’t it? What is better than spending time with the person you love most in the world?

We hope that these tips not only help you sneak in some extra quality time together during your Christmas break, but also for the years to come!


Face the alarm clock together

For most people, getting up early for work is quite a challenge each day. For my current job, I have to get up at six every morning. This certainly isn’t my favorite part of day I must say.

I am however lucky in that I do not have to wake up alone, Marijke gets up with me most days of the week. Waking up together makes everything much easier, but also more enjoyable!

Because of this, we get to spend some time with each other every week day before the day even really has begun.

On the days that Marijke wakes up with me, she often makes my lunch. This allows me to have more time to calmly wake up every morning. Because Marijke gets up earlier than she has to, as she heads to work a few hours later, she has some extra time to spend with Mojo as well.

 As a result, we also tend to go to bed at the same time on most nights. Going to bed together is great for connecting with your partner and talking with each other about the day you’ve had if you haven’t yet had the chance.

If that’s not enough yet, going to bed together is also crucial for maintaining the intimacy within the relationship, especially within long lasting relationships. A plethora of studies have already been conducted that all conclude that going to bed together, has only but positive effects on your relationship.


Make an event from your daily dinner

Christmas dinner should not be the only meal surrounded with happiness. Everybody has to eat each day, so why not make the most of it?

Instead of thinking of cooking up dinner as a daily chore, turn it into a fun activity that you and your partner can do together. We often split up tasks, and ask each other to add a pinch of salt, pick some fresh basil leaves, cut up some veg or stir a sauce.

If you enjoy cooking together with your partner and make a habit out of it, it will motivate you to eat home cooked meals more often instead of ordering take out or eating out in a restaurant.

Not only is this often more affordable, it’s healthier as well. Additionally, it allows you to select products without plastic packaging and cook exactly how much you need, which results in a more sustainable meal.

If you do not have the time to go grocery shopping and think about what to prepare each day, there are alternatives available these days. You can think of services such as that from Blue Apron in the US. They deliver fresh ingredients together with a recipe to your doorstep each day or week. All that’s left for you and your significant other to do, is cook them up into something delicious. 

After our dinner, we often do the dishes together as well!


Start something together

After a long day of work, many people like to relax and enjoy their hobbies and other pursuits. These can however be quite time consuming, leaving no time to enjoy each other’s company at home.

One way to deal with this is to discover a hobby that you both enjoy. It can even be as simple as working out together. This way you can combine spending time together with relaxing after your workday or week.

Currently, we are in the midst of converting our van into a campervan. When we have some time, we go work on it together. Be it doing some research and discussing plans, or actually laying the flooring of our future home.

We’ve even already thought of what we want to do together once we’re done with our campervan conversion, besides traveling the world of course. We would both like to learn a new language, namely Spanish as this will greatly benefit us during our travels and help us to immerse more into foreign cultures.

We’re also both interested in yoga. From what we’ve seen, it is a great sport to practice together. Exercise is something everyone should do daily anyways, so why not do it together?

By doing this, we keep experiencing and learning new things, whilst still enjoying each other’s company. It doesn’t have to be something as time consuming as converting a van, but just something you both do once a week, like a cooking workshop, is already a great way to spend some extra time together and to connect.


Go for a walk

After you’ve finished your meal, you can choose to sit back and watch tv for the rest of the evening. Many suffer however from a so-called after dinner dip. It will make you feel sleepy and tired which can quickly result in low productivity for the rest of the night.

You can also choose to take a more active attitude, and go for a nice evening walk when the weather allows it and you’ve got nothing else planned. By doing so, you’ll feel much more awake and it sets you up for a productive evening.

Back to our subject at hand. Taking a nice long or short walk is something you can perfectly do together with your loved one.

This is probably also the best tip on our list that help you to really communicate together. During your walk neither of you is distracted by other activities, and you have ample time to talk to each other about just about anything that comes to mind. About the day you’ve had, about something you’d like to do later, about a road trip, whatever you want.


Take a shower together

Most people in the western world take a shower on a daily basis, some even twice a day. Why wouldn’t you use this time to sneak in some extra quality time with your loved one?

Taking a shower together hardly takes up more time than showering alone. OK, it might take a bit longer in the mornings, but it’s definitely worth it!

It is for sure one of the best and most fun ways to spend some extra time together and to wake up in the morning. It is also again a great way keep the intimacy alive within your relationship.


Make your quality time count

To finish our list, our final, and probably most important tip, is to make the time you spend together count. You can spend a lot of time together in front of the tv, or going out or whatever. But if you’re not actively interacting with each other it’s quite a shame.

Everyone has noticed it by now, one of the most common culprits that ruin your time together is the smartphone. If you just take a look around you in any public area, you’re bound to see most people looking at their phones.

Even couples that are out having dinner together focus on taking instagram snaps, chatting to other people on their phones, or just looking at random videos. They forget to make eyecontact, something that can actually be so heartwarming!

If you’re making time for each other, it is important to make it count. If your phone is important to you, just leave it at home or switch it to airplane mode so you cannot be tempted. Now you have to really spend the time together.

There might be other reasons for you not to be able to focus on the present. If there’s anything you’re stressed about, this is the perfect time to talk about it! A few minutes of opening up about what you’re dealing with can brighten the time that’s ahead.

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