Over the past year, we have been using the Natural Dog Company Skin Soother. Since we are incredibly content with how this product has helped Mojo, we thought we’d share the story behind our need for such a remedy.

We hope this blog post might help some people that have been looking for the perfect solution to a skin problem with their pets, or for those that have been wanting to switch current hormone ointments with a natural alternative.

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Skin soother from the natural dog company


Itchy toes

When Mojo was roughly 12 months old, she started licking her paws quite regularly. We thought nothing of it at the start, as it is normal grooming behaviour for many species.

After a week or so, we noticed that the skin between a few of her toes was red and slightly swollen. We booked an appointment with our veterinarian, who quickly gave us a very logical answer.

Swollen paw from our dog Mojo

According to her, Mojo was most likely suffering from contact allergies to grasses and bedbugs. At first we didn’t think that anything in our routine had changed, so we were unsure of what would have caused her sudden reaction.

Over the previous months though, we had been taking Mojo out for long walks several times a day and trips to the forest more regularly. She was a little older and could handle being out and about for extended periods of time without potentially harming her joints. This meant that she’d been on grass more often than she used to.

Additionally, we had recently replaced our pillows and thought Mojo would enjoy having one of our old pillows on her dog bed. So not only did she spend more time on grass, she also came in contact with bed bugs from our old pillow.

The vet gave us a hormone ointment which we applied to her paws twice daily, and soon the licking stopped.

Natural Dog Company


Obsessed with licking

A few weeks later, Mojo started licking her toes again, so we tried to distract her whenever we caught her nibbling on her feet.

Sometimes we’d hear licking, as we turned around, she’d look at us from the corners of her eyes, quickly stopping the behaviour and running toward us wagging her tail. She knew we’d prefer that she didn’t lick but the itch was too bad for her to hold back.

Her paws would be wet whenever we’d come home from work or after having gone grocery shopping. But not just her paws, she would’ve licked so much that her bed was soaked…

We realized that the licking had become an obsession, and that we’d have to start using the hormone ointment again.

After using the ointment for a week or so, her toes would look healthy and her behaviour was back to normal. After a few days however, she would start licking and the whole thing would start over again.

Swollen paw from our dog Mojo


Natural Dog Company

We visited our veterinarian three times with this same issue, and all she could come up with was this ointment.

We knew that the licking could not be linked to her diet. Mojo does not eat carbohydrates, which meant that  yeast cells would not be fed with sugars that might be produced during digestion.

At the start of this year we found Natural Dog Company on instagram. They produce all natural, organic, and vegan care products for dogs, including shampoo bars, nose and paw balms, and other natural remedies.

Skin soother from the natural dog company

 We contacted them regarding the issues we were facing with Mojo’s itchy toes and they recommended to try out the Skin Soother. In addition to this, we also bought some other balms and two delicious (non-vegan) bully sticks for Mojo to enjoy!


Skin Soother

The name of the Skin Soother really describes itself. It’s made to treat wounds, cuts, burns, rashes, and other discomforts on the skin. It can even be used to treat hot spots, and fungal and bacterial infections.

The ingredients are completely natural, and that is obviously something we look for in every product we buy. We took this product to our veterinarian and she seemed very intrigued about it, but was not convinced this would soothe Mojo’s toes. She agreed we could give it a try but personally recommended using the chemical cortisone ointment that she had prescribed us.

Mojo doesn’t often walk on grass when we go on long walks because she prefers pavement, but we do play fetch on a daily basis and visit the forest whenever we can. Shortly after the Skin Soother arrived, Mojo’s toes became worse than ever.

We decided to rinse her paws after every play session on grass and after each hike in the woods. We did not use shampoo to clean her, we solely rinsed her paws whilst gently rubbing the interwebbing of her toes. We carefully dried her paws using a soft towel and applied the Skin Soother in between her toes twice daily.

Surprisingly, against the expectations of our veterinarian, this balm treated Mojo’s paws extraordinarily well. It actually worked faster than the ointment we had used over the year prior to acquiring the Skin Soother.

We decided to take pictures of her paw every day to record the healing process. We made a short video from these pictures to show just how quickly her toes returned to normal:

We kept applying the balm once daily and after a few months, she stopped licking her toes completely! We now only apply the balm sporadically, and she hasn’t licked her paws in approximately 6 months!


Perfect alternative to the cortisone ointment

The structure of this Natural Dog Company balm is firm and thick. This ensures an easy application without possibility of spilling the product on clothing or other surfaces.  In contrast to the cortisone ointment our veterinarian prescribed, which is very runny and would drip off our fingers and Mojo’s toes.

Where Mojo clearly disliked the scent of the hydrocortiderm crème, and pulled back her paws when we applied it, she was very interested in the Skin Soother and did not show signs of any discomfort (such as yawning and licking). She even moaned at times, but that was probably more due to the fact that it felt like she was licking her toes!

Mojo likes to inspect new things and often licks things to investigate. No matter how bad the prescribed lotion smelt (well to us at least), she would still try to lick her paws after we applied it. However, this ointment was obviously not safe to ingest.

The Natural Dog Company balms however are safe for dogs to ingest, so we felt much more at ease using this product. Especially during times we weren’t home and she would have ample time to lick her paws.

Mojo with skin soother from the natural dog company


Highly recommended

We would highly recommend this ointment for anyone experiencing difficulties treating yeast, itching, rashes or hot spots with their furry friends.

Remember: if you have questions regarding a health issue you are facing with your pet, we would always recommend contacting your veterinarian! You never know what the actual underlying issue may be.

Don’t forget to use our discount code ‘mojoandfriends’ for 10% off every order if you order on Natural Dog Company!

Natural Dog Company

Natural Dog Company: Skin Soother


Shelf life


Ease of use






Ecological footprint



  • Several sizes available
  • 100% natural
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to apply


  • Customs and tax when ordered in Europe
  • Also available in plastic packaging

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